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SECH  Twice as Nice Erebus

Reg. no
: S58050/2004
: 07.08.2004
: Blå
: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3")
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sweden)
Sanna Wrisnig (Twice As Nice, Sweden)
  • ©Wrisnig

  • Mmmalte
    ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • ©Roland Wessman

  • ©Roland Wessman

  • ©Kriström

  • ©Cathrine Johansson

  • ©Wrisnig

  • ©Wrisnig

  • BOB in Norway.
    Kudos to Kaa Won's!
    ©Åke Karlsson

  • Malte 8 months
    ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

  • ©Sanna Wardström

Siblings (5)


Twice as Nice Erebus
Twice as Nice En Vogue
Twice as Nice Electra Spiritus
Twice as Nice Eyes on Rompford
Twice as Nice Everest

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 24.01.2009  Dam: Cute and Crazy Bella-Mi

Absolute Magic's Even Steven
Absolute Magic's Eh I'm Here
Absolute Magic's Extra Extra
Absolute Magic's Everest Enzo
Absolute Magic's Enjoy Me

dob: 24.01.2009  Dam: Kyokushin's Against All Odds

Kyokushin's Cape Trinity
Kyokushin's Cape Fear
Kyokushin's Cape Isabell
Kyokushin's Cape Island
Kyokushin's Cape Diamond

dob: 26.09.2008  Dam: Kulana's Twice as Nice

Twice as Nice On Fire
Twice as Nice Out of Sight
Twice as Nice One Step Closer

dob: 01.09.2008  Dam: Gou's Cotton Candy

Gou's Ice Ice Baby
Gou's It's a Purple Haze
Gou's I Walk the Line
Gou's I'm a Bossa Nova Baby
Gou's I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man

dob: 05.01.2008  Dam: Princess Leia's Amazes Me Of Rocky

Princess Leia's Crocodile Rock
Princess Leia's Kiss The Bride
Princess Leia's Rocket Man
Princess Leia's Candle In The Wind
Princess Leia's Part Time Love

dob: 11.08.2007  Dam: Twice as Nice First Crush

Uzume'z Kissing Dynamite
Uzume'z Bad Boy Boogie

dob: 26.11.2005  Dam: Twice as Nice Drama Queen

Twice as Nice Incubus

dob: 01.09.2005  Dam: Princess Leia's Dancing Queen

Princess Leia's Do You Remember
Princess Leia's In The Air Tonight
Princess Leia's I Missed Again
Princess Leia's This Must Be Love

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