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NUCH  Eugenios Apollon

Reg. no
: 15504/04
: 27.06.2004
: Sort og hvit
: Hairless
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norway)
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norway)

  • ©eugenios

  • ©Team RJ

  • BOB - Puppy class
    February 2005
    ©Team RJ

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Siblings (4)


Eugenios Afrodite
Eugenios Andromeda
Eugenios Apollon
Eugenios Ariadne for Sørperla

Offspring (56) (Descendents)

dob: 26.03.2011  Dam: Eugenios Miss Bold And Beautiful

Eugenios Ludvig Van Betvoven

dob: 02.03.2011  Dam: Portinbo's Lille Gunda

Eugenios Filifjonka

dob: 04.11.2010  Dam: Marachinos Fashion Fantasy

Moelmo's Jimmy Star Gimmy
Moelmo's Jolly Sun Polly
Moelmo's Jambalaya Moon Gaya

dob: 08.07.2008  Dam: Local Hero's Xantia

Perito Charlie
Perito Lurven
Perito Pelle Petè
Perito Catalina Bella Mia

dob: 03.05.2008  Dam: Furora Dog Land

Eugenios Paid My Dues
Eugenios I'm Yours
Eugenios I Should be so Lucky

dob: 20.01.2008  Dam: Eugenios Nougat Bonbon

Eugenios Taurus
Eugenios Leo
Eugenios Aquarius
Eugenios Gemini
Eugenios Libra
Eugenios Aerius
Eugenios Scorpio
Eugenios Capricorn
Eugenios Virgo
Eugenios Sagutaurus

dob: 24.12.2007  Dam: Eugenios Chiang Kai-Shek Mistress

Miors's Kassandra
Miors's King Of The Odd World
Miors's Kenai
Miors's Kiss Me Kate

dob: 21.12.2007  Dam: Eugenios Naked Truth At The Castle

Dogcastle's Daughter Of Thai
Dogcastle's Daughter Of Thai

dob: 22.08.2006  Dam: Eugenios White Angel

Eugenios Velvet Boy
Eugenios Ebony 'n Ivory
Eugenios Autumn Leaves
Eugenios Snowball
Eugenios Snowflake

dob: 05.08.2006  Dam: Sues-Isabella

Bowwowwow's Ramses
Bowwowwow's Tut Ank Amon
Bow-Wow-Wow's Farao
Bow-Wow-Wow's Erneenra
Bowwowwow's Cleopatra
Bow-Wow-Wow's Nakht
Bowwowwow's Nefertiti
Bow-Wow-Wow's King Salomon

dob: 11.07.2006  Dam: Sandfield's Hyacinth

I Hundre's Elvis

dob: 30.01.2006  Dam: Portinbo's Amber den Viljestarka

Portinbo's Ronja
Portinbo's Birk
Portinbo's Bork

dob: 24.07.2005  Dam: Rosco's Miss Gigi Hin Jo

Noble Hans Kai Two
Miss Lea Isadåra

dob: 19.05.2005  Dam: Blue Elaisa

Eugenios True Blue
Eugenios Red Hot'n Blue
Eugenios Blue Melody
Eugenios Blue Batman
Eugenios Blue Bell

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