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2004 - 2011
GBCH  Glebeheath The Alchemist

Reg. no
: S16967/2007
: 04.03.2004
: Sobel
: Powderpuff
Julie Guvercin (Glebeheath, England)
  • ©Janet Knowles

  • ©Janet Knowles

  • ©Linda Malmgren

  • ©Julie Guvercin


1st Special puppy dog, Crufts 2005. RDCC - UK Topdog, RDCC - East of England, BOB - Welsh Kennel Club, BOB - Richmond, DCC - LKA. 3d best male - Alfta, 3d best male - Högbo, 5th best male - Högbo. 6 champion quality on 6 shows ...

Offspring (46) (Descendents)

dob: 21.05.2008  Dam: Taijan Dreamer Tausendschön

Bonniveras Aga've
Bonniveras A'ndros
Bonniveras Acti'na
Bonniveras Aura'tus
Ch. Bonniveras A'ristos

dob: 26.09.2007  Dam: Bai Long's Athena

Bai Long's Exhibit E
Bai Long's El Presidente
Ch. Bai Long's Entertaining Elmo
Bai Long's Eye-Catching Ellie
Bai Long's Exquisite Me
Bai Long's Eager For Fame
Bai Long's Everlasting Blue

dob: 11.05.2007  Dam: Belshaw's Off Course

Ch. Belshaw's Royal Bain De Champange
Belshaw's Charles Of The Ritz
Belshaw's Novae Plus Pink Birk
Belshaw's Laura Ashely No. One

dob: 29.04.2007  Dam: Tournais Bee Gees

Tournais Sambal Oelek
Tournais Cayenne pepper
Tournais Red Pepper
Tournais White Pepper
Tournais Green Chili Pepper
Tournais Salt N'pepper
Tournais Piri Piri
Tournais Wasabi From Sweden
Tournais Black Pepper

dob: 16.02.2007  Dam: Tournais Shanti Shakti

Tournais Cock Robin
Tournais Cher
Tournais Simply Red
Tournais Phil Collins
Tournais Cyndi Lauper
Tournais Madonna
Tournais Sarah Brightman

dob: 20.01.2007  Dam: Lucky Line's Dream Catcher

Lucky Line's Fabulous Sensation
Lucky Line's Fabulous Crown Jewel
Lucky Line's Fabulous Spot On
Lucky Line's Fabulous Master Piece

dob: 19.10.2006  Dam: Liddyleaze Ray Of Light

Belshaw's Sky High
Belshaw's Blue Sky
Belshaw's Sky Lark

dob: 31.08.2006  Dam: Hibacka's Lilla Älva

Hibacka's Divine Horus
Hibacka's Hator Goddess Of Heaven
Hibacka's Joyful Bast
Hibacka's Almighty Ra
Hibacka's Thot Of Luna
Hibacka's Successful Isis

dob: 31.08.2006  Dam:

Hibacka's Thot Of Luna(felpost)

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