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2004 - 2014
SECH  Krysolit Breeze-Algot

Reg. no
: S10218/2005
: 17.11.2004
: Mahogny m vita tecken
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 5.60kg (12.3#)
Linda Johansson (Krysolit, Sweden)
Josefine Karlsson

  • ©Pia

  • ©Pia

  • Tough guy in leather jacket!

  • Algot on ccc-special in Gränna

  • ©P. Malm

  • ©P. Malm

  • ©P. Malm

  • ©P. Malm


3xCert, 12xExc, 5xCK, 2xHP, Forshaga 2007-04-14 1:2 m CK 4bhkl, Rocklunda 2007-04-22 1:1 m CK 3bhkl Cert
Borås 2009-06-27 1:1 m CK 1:a bhkl Cert, BIM
Böda Sand, Öland 2009-09-05 1:1 CK 1:a bhkl Cert, BIR och färdigt championat

Siblings (3)


Krysolit Bendix-Fabian
Krysolit Blissimo-Soki
Krysolit Breeze-Algot

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 13.07.2011  Dam: Lintika's Belawin

Lintika's Creme De La Creme
Lintika's C'Est La Vie
Lintika's Champ Noir

dob: 28.01.2011  Dam: Flywheel's Fancy Trick

Divandior Costly-Money
Divandior Mighty-Money
Divandior Expensive-Money
Divandior Fancy Money
Divandior Valuable-Money

dob: 18.06.2008  Dam: Suanho's Timucua

Lintika's Amazon
Lintika's Ameti'st
Lintika's Avatar

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