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Lisar's Going To Chineseblues

: 26.01.2005
: Blue
: Hairless
Lisa Johnsson (Lisar's, Sweden)
Anna Larsson & Erica Larsson (Chineseblue's, Sweden)
  • Soya 3½ år

  • "Soya" 13v

  • "Soya" 15 mån

  • "Soya 15 mån

  • Erica och Soya Högbo -06
    ©Sara Laitamaa


3 ggr Bir-valp 1 Bis-2 valp, 3 CK,

Siblings (5)


Lisar's Going To Be Fun
Lisar's Going To Be Loved
Lisar's Going To Chineseblues
Lisar's Going To Stay
Lisar's Going North

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 06.08.2009  Sire: Twice as Nice Long Stick Goes Boom

Chineseblue's Lady Of Power
Chineseblue's Lucky You
Chineseblue's Ladylike
Chineseblue's Lovely Boy
Ch. Chineseblue's Little Miss Sunshine
Ch. Chineseblue's Love At First Sight

dob: 24.11.2008  Sire: Legends Men In Black SOD

Chineseblue's Kiss Me Twice
Ch. Chineseblue's Key To Success
Chineseblue's Keep A Secret
Chineseblue's Keep Me Forever
Chineseblue's Keep It Real

dob: 22.05.2007  Sire: Fire Dance Top Model De Rama

Chineseblue's Goalkeeper
Chineseblue's Guardian Angel
Ch. Chineseblue's Gorgeous Guy
Chineseblue's Gorgeous Princess
Chineseblue's Glory Of Love
Ch. Chineseblue's Go With Success

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