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Kaja Gro-Bez

: 29.09.2000
: white and creme
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 4.00kg (8.81#)
Beata Ziolek (Gro-Bez, Poland)
Romana Kurnatowska (Pastoral, Poland)
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Siblings (3)


Kaja Gro-Bez


Balbinka Gro-Bez
Bagatelka Gro-Bez

Offspring (19) (Descendents)

dob: 30.11.2008  Sire: Tippytoes Exuberant

Ch. Parma Pastoral
Pensylwania Pastoral
Pearl For Light Of Shin-Ra Pastoral

dob: 11.02.2007  Sire: Pirelli Sub Divo

Lexus Pastoral
Laguna Pastoral
Lorenzo Pastoral
Legolas Pastoral At Camoto

dob: 30.06.2006  Sire: Pirelli Sub Divo

Ch. Jamajka Pastoral
Jantar Pastoral

dob: 31.10.2005  Sire: Pirelli Sub Divo

Hobbit Pastoral
Haavio Pastoral
Hoover Pastoral

dob: 01.01.2004  Sire: Cekin Amitycja

Ch. E-Sexy Pastoral
Efendi Pastoral
Ecca Erotica Pastoral

dob: 28.04.2003  Sire: Ken Feng Fu-pi-fu

Ch. Casablanca Pastoral

dob: 19.09.2002  Sire: Ken Feng Fu-pi-fu

Bacardi Pastoral
Bashi Pastoral
Bikini Pastoral

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