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Family Song's Ula

: 11.02.2005
: brown-white
: Hairless
: 28.00cm (11.0") / 4.70kg (10.3#)
Dudasova Iveta (Family Song's, Slovak Republic)
G. Friedl & J. Friedl (Caipirinha's, Austria)

  • ©Caipirinha's

Siblings (5)


Family Song's Ulien
Family Song's Upps
Family Song's Ula
Family Song's Urian
Family Song's Una Luna

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 26.05.2011  Sire: Whisperingln' the Devils Advocate

Caipirinha's Nothing 2Lose
Caipirinha's Needless 2Say
Ch. Caipirinha's Nutbush city limit
Ch. Caipirinha's Need 4speed

dob: 10.01.2009  Sire: One to Remember de GabriTho

Lorenzo Lamas
LeeRoy Loomes
Lionel Richie
Liza Minnelli
Lee Marvin
Ch. Caipirinha's LaToya Liberty

dob: 18.04.2008  Sire: Sampan Basta 12.09.2000 - 21.02.2015

Family Song's Chester
Family Song's Chantal
Family Song's Chico
Ch. Family Song's Charlotte

dob: 06.12.2006  Sire: Sasquehanna Gondolier

Family Song's Allegro
Family Song's Armani
Family Song's Ambiente
Family Song's Airy Ancietta
Family Song's Annabelle
Family Song's Ajestria

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