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2005 - 2009
Black to the Future Rainbo

: 22.02.2005
: Black
: Hairless
: 27.94cm (11")
Michelle Handcock (Jewelz, Canada)
Gloria Kerr (Krishna, United States)
Deborah Hudspeth (Spiritual, United States)
  • ©Deb H - Spirit

  • ©Deb H - Spirit

  • ©M. Handcock

  • Moving
    ©Deb H - Spirit

  • ©Michelle Hancock

  • 5 months
    ©M Handcock

  • Niko (L) Kobe his sire on (R)
    ©M. Hancock

  • Niko
    ©M Hancock

  • ©M. Handcock

  • ©Michelle Hancock

  • 5 months
    ©M Handcock

Siblings (2)


Jewelz Secret Is Out HHLF
Black to the Future Rainbo

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 29.05.2008  Dam: Strong Stael Rexi Princessa Pia

Spiritual Public Enemy Number One

dob: 11.05.2008  Dam: Krishna-Tamarlane Picture Image

Krishna-Spiritual Joe Six Pack

dob: 31.12.2007  Dam: Mstical Su-Ccubus

Spiritual Licensed to Carry
Spiritual Mosaic Angel

dob: 14.11.2007  Dam: Mstical Fire Opal

Spiritual Count to Ten
Spiritual Count Your Blessings
Ch. Spiritual Count on Me

dob: 08.11.2007  Dam: Spiritual Stolen Whispers

Spiritual Object Of My Desire Cabaret
Ch. Spiritual Highly Flammable
Spiritual Gangster of Love
Spiritual Red River

dob: 07.11.2007  Dam: Spiritual Foxy Vixen

Spiritual Heartbreaker
Spiritual Take A Chance at Cabaret
Spiritual Gun Powder

dob: 08.01.2007  Dam: Krishna's Hidden Assets

Ch. Krishna JustWyn I Needed U Most
Krishna's Mima d'Crest Vue
Krishna's Night Knight
Spiritual-Krishna Ima CountryBoy

dob: 21.08.2006  Dam: Spiritual Hannah Krishna

Krishna N'Rainbo's Black Mariah

dob: 01.03.2006  Dam: Rainbo's Jasper's Destiny

Spiritual Black is Back

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