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RUSCH  RUSJCH  Moonswift Mystical Star

Reg. no
: RKF.1712905
: 24.08.2004
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Diana Bowdler-Townsend (Moonswift, England)
Irina Scherbakova (Fantastik Kashmir, Russian Federation)
  • ©L.Shulgina

  • ©L.Shulgina

  • ©L.Shulgina

  • ©L.Shulgina

  • ©L.Shulgina

  • ©Moonswift Mystical Star

Offspring (38) (Descendents)

dob: 01.07.2011  Dam:

Fantastik Kashmir &&&

dob: 07.06.2011  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Lady Dove

Fantastik Kashmir Zhizel'
Fantastik Kashmir :::::::::

dob: 22.11.2010  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Real Sweet Cherri

Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin Premium
Fantastik Kashmir Zh...
Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin Premium 2
Fantastik Kashmir Zh

dob: 07.11.2010  Dam: Zhenev*eva Koroleva Podiuma

Zvezda Jamala Beatriche
Zvezda Jamala Brendon Li

dob: 15.07.2010  Dam: Kredo Festa Polar Night

Golden Falcon Evropa

dob: 25.12.2009  Dam: Moonswift Little Princess

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Orero Rok and Roll
Fantastik Kashmir O
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Obei Kristmas

dob: 12.08.2009  Dam: Kredo Festa Image Of Beauty

Ch. Kredo Festa Unicorn
Ch. Kredo Festa Unicum
Kredo Festa Undina
Kredo Festa Ulis

dob: 28.07.2007  Dam: Gratsiya Diana iz Muziki Vetra

Ch. Ingrus Tais Afinskaya

dob: 24.06.2007  Dam: Olegro Katrin Luxury Ladybird

Olegro Katrin Lee-Roy
Olegro Katrin La-Moon Polar Shine

dob: 17.06.2007  Dam: Polly Princessa Pekina

Inferno rizhii demon
Izabell from makonda

dob: 23.10.2006  Dam: Moonswift Lucy In The Sky

Olegro Katrin Uzer
Olegro Katrin Unner
Ch. Olegro Katrin Unik Anibus

dob: 08.05.2006  Dam: Moonswift Doll of the Orient

Olegro Katrin Ovacia
Ch. Olegro Katrin Overdraive
Olegro Katrin Overload
Ch. Olegro Katrin Olivia
Ch. Olegro Katrin Orient
Olegro Katrin Ornament
Olegro Katrin Organza

dob: 01.04.2006  Dam: Polly Princessa Pekina

Violetta Del Castello Veneciano

dob: 16.02.2006  Dam: Moonswift Little Princess

Olegro Katrin Little Crazy Horse
Olegro Katrin La Fontaine
Olegro Katrin Lanselot
Olegro Katrin Linde

dob: 01.03.2004  Dam: Dream of Mine at N'Co

Fantastik Kashmir :::::::::

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