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2003 - 2013
BIHCH  HRHC  CZCCH  SLOCH  Lionheart Keep My Promise

: 16.03.2003
: Hairless
: 38.50cm (15.1") / 7.30kg (16.0#)
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sweden)
Jitka Noskova (od Zlateho Moku, Czech Republic)
  • ©Zlatý mok-Nosková J.

  • ©Jitka Nosková

  • ©Jitka Nosková

  • ©Jitka Nosková

  • ©unklown

  • ©

  • ©

Siblings (4)


Lionheart Keep It In The Family
Lionheart Keep My Promise


Lionheart Kwalkuna Ha La
Lionheart King Of All

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 26.02.2010  Dam: Dolce Vita Of Honeycroft

Holly vom Erfurter Dom
Ch. Hanna vom Erfurter Dom

dob: 03.08.2009  Dam: Effi Ka-la-em

Anunaki Foxly Bohemia
Ameerah Foxly Bohemia
Ali Pasa Foxly Bohemia
Ad'ifah Foxly Bohemia
Al Pacino Foxly Bohemia

dob: 12.10.2008  Dam: Adelka od Zlateho Moku

Ajsa Mesicni Jas
Aria Mesicni Jas
Andromeda Mesicni Jas
Atrey Mesicni Jas
Aura Mesicni Jas
Amis Mesicni Jas

dob: 14.09.2007  Dam: Eyllin Modry Kvet

Sarah Pupo-Haichi
Speedy Pupo-Haichi
Sidney Pupo-Haichi

dob: 11.07.2006  Dam: Eyllin Modry Kvet

Peggy Pupo-Haichi
Ch. Pickwick Pupo-Haichi
Ch. Polly Pupo-Haichi

dob: 09.06.2005  Dam: Eyllin Modry Kvet

Ch. Kim Pupo-Haichi
Kent Pupo-Haichi
Ch. Kelly Pupo-Haichi

dob: 10.09.2004  Dam: Aranka od Sv. Linharta

Ch. Bara od Zlateho moku
Berny od Zlateho moku
Benji od Zlateho moku

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