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1996 - 2011
CAJC, CAC, Res CAC, Res. CACIB Aika Cin-cin Cs

Reg. no
: Z Reg/CIN/130/96/98
: 03.11.1996
: gray
: Hairless
: 34.50cm (13.5") / 4.50kg (9.92#)
Ladislava Holecova (Cin-Cin Pet, Czech Republic)
Cermanová Ivana (Ka-La-Em, Czech Republic)
  • ©IVA, Ka-La-Em

  • ©IVA

  • ©IVA

  • ©IVA

Siblings (7)


Asanka Cin-Cin Pet
Adelaide Cin-Cin Pet
Ardzi Cin-Cin Pet
Adzika Cin-Cin Pet
Aika Cin-Cin Cs
Adelka Cin-Cin Pet
Aika Cin-cin Cs

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 24.08.2004  Sire: Eddie Ka-La-Em

Foxy Ka-la-em
Fido Ka-La-Em

dob: 13.03.2001  Sire: Derrick Modry kvet

Catalaia Ka-La-Em
Carlos Ka-La-Em

dob: 18.05.2000  Sire: Body Modry kvet

Bugaboo Ka-La-Em
B.J. Ka-La-Em
Butterfly Ka-La-Em

dob: 22.06.1999  Sire: Ylem Van Jo Van

Aikin Ka-La-Em
Atchita Ka-La-Em
Amely Ka-La-Em

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