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Bertha La Faye Al Maarii Sapphire

: 06.06.2004
: fawn
: Powderpuff
: 28.50cm (11.2")
Ilona Dandanova (Al Maarii Sapphire, Czech Republic)
Veronika Frolikova (Lasky Dar, Czech Republic)
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CAJC, res. CAC, CAC, National winner, winner of class, always excellent

Siblings (6)


Bertha La Faye Al Maarii Sapphire
Bricso Il Dorfi Al Maarii Sapphire
Bergamo Du Bois Al Maarii Sapphire
Beena De Noire Al Maarii Sapphire
Bremon Di Leroy Al Maarii Sapphire
Brooke Li Yane Al Maarii Sapphire

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 22.06.2012  Sire: Briton True Pazzda

Fleur de Amour Puff Lásky dar
Funny Boy Puff Lásky dar
Ch. Flipper True Lásky dar

dob: 18.07.2007  Sire: Sasquehanna Gondolier

Darea Lasky Dar
Dilona Lasky Dar
Dahome Puf Lasky Dar
Diablo Lasky Dar
Doreen Lasky Dar
Dubira Lasky Dar

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