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Junior Club winner, CAJCUlicnica Alexa Lachesis

Reg. no
: SPKP/827
: 04.09.2003
: slate sptd
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Alexa Simovicova (Alexa Lachesis, Slovak Republic)
Ivana Šubínová (Dandy Mate, Slovak Republic)
  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

  • ©Lubomir Homola

Siblings (4)


Unikat Alexa Lachesis
Ulicnica Alexa Lachesis
Utopia Alexa Lachesis
URÁNIA Alexa Lachesis

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 14.07.2007  Sire: Bonifacio Avokaduh

Flassh Dandy Mate
Flubber Dandy Mate
Florris di Texi Dandy Mate
Fee-Bii Dandy Mate
Forrest Dandy Mate
Fidjii Blue Dandy Mate

dob: 09.01.2007  Sire: Sea Fire's Faitful Falkor

Déja Vu Naomii Dandy Mate
Dieggo Cossmo Dandy Mate
Dempssey Dandy Mate
De La Dotts Dandy Mate

dob: 20.06.2005  Sire: Irwin Modry kvet

Auggie Dandy Mate
Asherr Dandy Mate

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