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BLRCH  MOLCH  RUSCH  UKRCH  MOLJCH GrandUKRCHVivat Sanraiz Brightlight Of Moscow

Reg. no
: RKF 1585369
: 24.04.2004
: white&black
: Hairless
Elena Matveeva (Vivat Sanraiz, Russian Federation)
Kosinova I (Dogland Happy, Russian Federation)
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  • 1.5 year

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CACIB, 3xR.CACIB, the junior vice-champion of the Europe-2005, the prize-winner of the Championship of the Eurasia-2007, The candidate for Champions of Poland, The candidate for Champions at National club of naked dogs (RUS), 11xCAC

Siblings (3)


Vivat Sanraiz Best Of The World
Vivat Sanraiz Barcelona
Vivat Sanraiz Brightlight Of Moscow

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Zvezda Vostoka China

Elf so Zvezdy Vostoka

dob: 13.01.2011  Dam: Monomro Filadelphia

Dogland Happy U My Hope
Dogland Happy U
Dogland Happy Ukka
Dogland Happy Union

dob: 14.05.2009  Dam: Dogland Happy Viva Victoria

Dogland Happy Skybi Dy

dob: 11.11.2008  Dam: Dogland Happy Ispania

Dogland Happy Zeta Qwin
Dogland Happy Z
Dogland Happy Zeta Queen
Dogland Happy Zanzibar

dob: 11.10.2008  Dam: Dogland Happy Bastinda

Dogland Happy Esmaer
Dogland Happy Ernest

dob: 24.07.2008  Dam: Dogland Happy Prada

Dogland Happy Gostika
Ch. Dogland Happy Gamilton

dob: 20.07.2008  Dam: Dogland Happy Evgenika

Ch. Dogland Happy Valensia

dob: 24.03.2008  Dam: Avrora

Dogland Happy Berenika

dob: 16.02.2008  Dam: Russkiy Samurai Stoyni

Dogland Happy Al Freestyle
Dogland Happy Argentina

dob: 15.10.2006  Dam: Monomro Filadelphia

Ch. Dogland Happy Demetra

dob: 07.02.2006  Dam: Vellar Pljus Sherry

Ajvelin Magic Nut
Ch. Ajrish Lord of Dance
Ch. Ajlanda Sugar Smile

dob: 16.12.2005  Dam: Monomro Zarella

Ch. Asenka Lakky Gel

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