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Adrica Brno-Frost

: 10.07.2002
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Jarmila Mrazova (Brno-Frost, Czech Republic)
Brabencova (Rodinna pouta, Czech Republic)
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Siblings (3)


Adrica Brno-Frost
Archibald Brno-Frost
Arad Brno-Frost

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 18.06.2010  Sire: Wild Horse Favonius Poland

Casanova Rodinna pouta
Carmen Rodinna pouta
Colett Rodinna Pouta
Connie Rodinna pouta
Caramela Rodinna pouta

dob: 24.06.2008  Sire: Ginn Cin-Cin Pet

Bibien Rodinna pouta
Babett Rodinna pouta
Bosana Rodinna pouta
Bambi Rodinna pouta
Batami Rodinna pouta

dob: 20.04.2005  Sire: Ginn Cin-Cin Pet

Adam Rodinna Pouta
Albi-Andrea Rodinna Pouta
Arci-Rici Rodinna Pouta
Ch. Alfy-Filip Rodinna Pouta

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