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HRHC  VDHCH  CERCH  DCH(Club)  VDHJCH  CERJCH  INTCH(FCI)  LUXJCH  NLCH  JW Bavaria 2006, JWLeipzig-06, VDH-Bundesjugendsieger2006, VDH-Jahrhundertjugendsieger 2006, VDH- Europeanwinner 2007Legends The Great Contender

Reg. no
: VDH/CER CC 2821/06
: 08.05.2005
: slate/white markings
: Hairless
: 29.97cm (11.7")
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, United States)
Iris Schultz (Solino's, Germany)

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 8 years

  • art by GG

  • ©Solino's

  • 09.06.2012

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 30.05.2011

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 29.05.2011

  • art by Gene Caron

  • Art by Alejandro Castanon

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • both have the same cute smile

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 5 years

  • 4th anniversary since Rocky arrived Germany :-)

  • The Lion King

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • Ladykiller

  • ©Solino's

  • Master of South Beach

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Art by Ana

  • ©Solino's

  • agility

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • Rocky & Honky

  • ©Solino's

  • ring of honor

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solinos

  • Mallorca/Spain 2007

  • ©Amy Thompson


Rocky the One & Only

Siblings (2)


Legends The Great Contender
Legends Ready to Rumble

Offspring (84) (Descendents)

dob: 28.09.2017  Dam: Solino's Ecstasy

Solino's She is the One
Solino's SeXess
Solino's Soulman
Solino's Self-made Sensation
Solino's Samy Deluxe

dob: 01.06.2017  Dam: Dakota Rose Solina

Solino's Q-Tip
Solino's Qampari Rouge
Solino's Quee Bee
Solino's QT Doll

dob: 09.01.2016  Dam: Kranar Mezzo Soprano

Ch. Mano Ponis Jaguara
Mano Ponis Juneska
Ch. CH Mano Ponis Jupiteris
Ch. Mano Ponis Jamaika
Ch. Mano Ponis Jaconda

dob: 11.01.2014  Dam: Solino's Treasure Trove

Solino's Illegally Beautiful
Solino's In Cog Neat Oh
Solino's I Love You
Solino's It's All about Me
Solino's I love Intrigues
Solino's I'm so Hot

dob: 09.08.2012  Dam: Tri-Cas Sweet N' Eazy Loria

Solino's Cruella de Vil - Riproduttrice Selezionata Enci
Ch. Solino's Capitano - Handling By Federico Sanguinetti

dob: 10.02.2010  Dam: Chambertin Noir Sua Sponte

Solino's Spirit Never Dies
Solino's Sixth Sense
Solino's Something Spectacular

dob: 28.05.2009  Dam: My Solino's de GabriTho

Solino's Rock me Baby
Ch. Solino's Rive Gauche
Ch. Solino's Rebel Yell
Ch. Solino's Ready to Rock
Solino's Rockefeller
Solino's Rumors Abound

dob: 19.08.2008  Dam: Fiji Fujita Avokaduh

Ch. Drake z Teramonu
Dorian z Teramonu
Ch. Daien z Teramonu
Ch. Darken z Teramonu
Diane Erien z Teramonu

dob: 26.07.2008  Dam: Mohawk Fatal Attraction

Solino's One Night Stand
Ch. Solino's On The Rocks
Solino's On White Socks

dob: 01.05.2008  Dam: Solino's Exotic Darjeeling

Solino's Nothing But Versace
Solino's Nickelback For Zucci
Solino's Nashville
Ch. Solino's Notorious Nitro at Legends
Ch. Solino's Noriko

dob: 13.03.2008  Dam: Ginny Lee z Haliparku

Ch. Djimon du CopCopine
Dolby du CopCopine
Doutchi du CopCopine
Dumbo du CopCopine
Digital du CopCopine

dob: 19.02.2008  Dam: Dareia Shire Pazzda

Ch. Ginette Sorraia Pazzda
Ch. Granduca Nerone Pazzda

dob: 18.07.2007  Dam: Solino's Exotic Darjeeling

Solino's Love Intrigue For Zucci
Solino's Lennox Lewis
Ch. Solino's Little Mr.Number One
Solino's Letterman
Ch. Solino's Label
Solino's Long Daz Into Night

dob: 18.06.2007  Dam: Twice As Nice Bubbling Spirit

Ch. Twice as Nice Long Stick Goes Boom
Ch. Twice as Nice Loud 'N Proud

dob: 27.05.2007  Dam: Genie Pupo-Haichi

Ritchi Pupo-Haichi
Ch. Rocky Pupo-Haichi

dob: 15.04.2007  Dam: Ginny Lee z Haliparku

Cippo du Copcopine
Chihiro du Copcopine
Campino du Copcopine

dob: 19.02.2007  Dam: Solino's Allure

Solino's Juicy Contender
Solino's Juicy Fruit
Ch. Solino's Jackpot Contender for Mohawk
Ch. Solino's Jezebelle
Solino's Juicy Couture
Solino's Jacqui O.

dob: 21.12.2006  Dam: Solino's Exotic Darjeeling

Solino's I'm a Honky Tonk Woman
Solino's I'm Miss Bojangles
Solino's I'm Mr. Mikimoto

dob: 20.12.2006  Dam: Oriental Jokes Sweet Sensation

My Longtime Companion Dustin
Ch. Multi CH My Longtime Companion Daryl at Magnus Staff
My Longtime Companion Diego
My Longtime Companion Dolores
My Longtime Companion Denzel

dob: 05.07.2006  Dam: Solino's Allure

Solino's Gepetto
Solino's Giacomo
Solino's Gianni-Gio
Solino's Graziella

dob: 26.04.2006  Dam: Nazahdi von Shinbashi

Ch. Solino's Fiorucci
Solino's Frascati

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