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FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LTCH  SLOCH  SECH  BGCH RSCH FinW-06 ClubW-07 LtW-09Sun-Hee's Raylight

: 01.03.2005
: Viltfärgad o vit
: Powderpuff
: 33.00cm (12.9")
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sweden)
Kaisa & Pekka Roine
  • Pluto 08/2008, 3,5 years
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Pluto
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • FinW-06
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • Let it snow...
    ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Hanna Santala-Luomala

  • ©Helena Karlsson

  • ©Helena Karlsson


8 x BOB (Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania)
7 x BOS (Finland)
9 x Cacib (Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania)
9 x Res-Cacib (Finland, Sweden, Italy, Latvia)
15 x CAC (Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania)
4 x Res-CAC (Finland, Italy)
2 x BOB-puppy (Finland)

Year 2006 4th Best Adult Crested Of The Year.
Year 2007 he was BOS in Chinense Crested special Club Show
Year 2007 4th Best Adult Crested Of The Year and The Best Powderpuff male.

Siblings (6)


Sun-Hee's Roses And Thorns
Sun-Hee's Run for Roses
Sun-Hee's Ramses
Sun-Hee's Rainbow
Sun-Hee's Raylight
Sun-Hee's Rendez Vouz

Offspring (24) (Descendents)

dob: 11.04.2011  Dam: Plättä

Ditzydogs Plushie
Ditzydogs Plutonium
Ditzydogs Plumgirl
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dob: 01.01.2010  Dam: Mala Mi Next Germanika

Maybell's Flash Boy
Maybell's Fit For Fable
Maybell's Funky Monkey
Maybell's Forever Rock'n'Roll

dob: 18.06.2009  Dam: Candy Queen's Unbreakable

Crestiny's After Eight
Crestiny's All Eyes On Me
Crestiny's Above The Sky

dob: 11.02.2009  Dam: Zara Mali Zmaj


dob: 28.11.2008  Dam: Idea Germanika

Arte Figure Deucalion
Arte Figure Diskobolos
Arte Figure Dionysos

dob: 21.10.2007  Dam: Sun Dan Don't Tell Mama

Valanyan Que Viva
Valanyan Island Kiss
Valanyan Ibiza Hippie
Ch. Valanyan Sunset Heat

dob: 31.05.2007  Dam: Camelina's Madreperla

Camelina's Lill Kevin

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