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Sun-Hee's Tyson

: 14.08.2005
: black & white
: Hairless
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sweden)
Katarina Andersson (Om Ints, Sweden)

  • ©Kennel Om ints

  • ©Sanna Wrisnig

  • 30/6-07
    ©Linda Blom

  • ©Helena Karlsson

  • ©Helena Karlsson

Siblings (5)


Sun-Hee's Tyson
Sun-Hee's The Lights On Me
Sun-Hee's Tingeling
Sun-Hee's To Be True
Sun-Hee's Temptation

Offspring (53) (Descendents)

dob: 15.01.2010  Dam: Kedveshazi Valborg

Love Over Gold's Queen L
Love Over Gold's Triton sund
Love Over Gold's Shakira Tuna
Love Over Gold's Baron sund
Love Over Gold's Indra Pine

dob: 13.07.2009  Dam: Sirocco Walking On High Heels

Ch. Sirocco Welcome To The Black Parade
Sirocco Heaven's Hung In Black
Ch. Sirocco White Trash Circus
Sirocco I'm A White Witch Honey

dob: 12.03.2009  Dam: Om Ints Chanelle

Om ints Pippi
Om ints Polly
Om Ints Poker
Om ints Princess
Om ints Prosit
Om ints Pim

dob: 20.02.2009  Dam: M-Ligans Princess Of The Dawn

Stormcrest Thunderball
Stormcrest Little Twister
Stormcrest Sweet Stormy Weather
Stormcrest Black Hurrican

dob: 23.01.2009  Dam: Vanitonia Tickled Pink

Vanitonia Stone Cold Sober
Ch. Vanitonia Unwrapped

dob: 05.03.2008  Dam: Amelion's Faith

Amelion's La Esperanza
Amelion's La Raya Abra

dob: 25.12.2007  Dam: Amelion's Coaltit

Amelion's Kalahari

dob: 22.12.2007  Dam: Om Ints Annie

Om Ints Lady Godiva

dob: 17.10.2007  Dam: Madness Celine Dion

Kaa Won's Broadway
Kaa Won's Bet The Pot
Kaa Won's Big Slick

dob: 06.10.2007  Dam: Sun-Hee's Run for Roses

Drömtorpet's Gallardo Of Tyson
Drömtorpet's Diablo Of Tyson

dob: 14.09.2007  Dam: Anais Anais

Artic Tundras Christian Dior
Artic tundras Cat De Lux
Artic Tundras Chacharel Amor
Artic Tundras Chanel no 5
Artic Tundras Cool Water

dob: 08.07.2007  Dam: Mini-Crest Zuzette

Swede Chinese Darcy
Swede Chinese Darco

dob: 15.03.2007  Dam: Fullibus Gurk-Meja

Om Ints Kamrat
Om Ints Kiwi
Om Ints Kakan

dob: 03.01.2007  Dam: Om Ints Chanelle

Om Ints Idun
Om Ints Ikaros
Om Ints Inka
Om Ints Isolde

dob: 13.12.2006  Dam: Om Ints Annie

Om Ints Hopeful
Om Ints Horizon
Om Ints Honey

dob: 03.10.2006  Dam: Flywheel's Svarta Sara

Om Ints Grand
Om Ints Grase Of Glory
Om Ints Gant
Om Ints Gucci

dob: 14.07.2006  Dam: Sun-Hee's I'm Lovin' It

Ch. Sun-Hee's Conquistador
Ch. Sun-Hee's Cyclone

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