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Diablesa Dina Avokaduh

Reg. no
: CMKU/CIN/1284/03
: 15.07.2003
: apricot
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Magdaléna Hudáková (Avokaduh, Czech Republic)
Jitka Krnavková (z Teramnou, Czech Republic)
  • Optigen test- clear/normal

  • ©avokaduh

  • ©Avokaduh

  • ©Avokaduh



Siblings (5)


Diablesa Dina Avokaduh
Dulzaina Avokaduh
Don Caster Avokaduh
Daimond Black Avokaduh
Dane Mari Avokaduh

Offspring (23) (Descendents)

dob: 28.01.2010  Sire: Solino's On The Rocks

Eleane z Teramonu
Eglantie z Teramonu
Ch. Eyron z Teramonu
Ch. Eliante z Teramonu
Elfe z Teramonu
Ch. Egillo z Teramonu SOM
Ch. Eragon z Teramonu

dob: 10.08.2008  Sire: Dragon Moon C Me At Sua Sponte

Clarietta z Teramonu
Ch. Caili z Teramonu
Caspien z Teramonu
Cabiria z Teramonu
Caledor z Teramonu

dob: 02.04.2007  Sire: Corti Certova stena - COCY

Ch. Baltica z Teramonu
Bollero z Teramonu
Bertucio z Teramonu
Ch. Belle Violetta z Teramonu
Baika z Teramonu
Barbietta z Teramonu
Berenica z Teramonu

dob: 31.03.2006  Sire: Corti Certova stena - COCY

Amalie z Teramonu
Ch. Aurelio z Teramonu
Artemio z Teramonu
Ch. Adelaide z Teramonu

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