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Hanny z Kamilova dvora

Reg. no
: 26.03.2005
: Hairless
Mašková Romana (z Kamilova dvora, Czech Republic)
Iune Landeta (Ekilore, Spain)

  • ©Iune Landeta

  • ©Martina Travnickova

  • ©ekilore

Siblings (12)


Gerda z Kamilova Dvora
Gabi z Kamilova dvora
Garp z Kamilova dvora
Goliash z Kamilova dvora
Geofrey z Kamilova dvora
Glabra z Kamilova dvora


Hanny z Kamilova dvora
Hirsuta z Kamilova dora
Heidi z Kamilova Dvora
Hermiena z Kamilova dvora
Hanusch z Kamilova dvora
Herriot z Kamilova dvora

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 21.07.2009  Sire: Blood Blueboy Poarott

Ekilore DeNiro
Ekilore Delilah at L'Essence de Mon Tout
Ekilore Dolce vita
Ekilore Deja Vu
Ekilore Dizzy
Ekilore Dahlia
Ekilore Danube
Ekilore Diamonds are forever

dob: 15.06.2007  Sire: Hooki Ka-La-Em

ekilore holly day
ekilore song to the moon
ekilore ray of light
ekilore water ice
ekilore little pony
ekilore grand prix

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