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NUCH  Sea Fire's Fit For Fight

Reg. no
: S-51370/2005
: 15.07.2005
: Brun/vit
: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3") / 5.00kg (11.0#)
Ingrid Lindgren (Sea Fire's, Sweden)
Monica Skjold

  • ©Sandra

  • ©Sandra

  • ©M.S

  • ©MS

  • ©Camilla Tofterå

  • ©Camilla Tofterå

  • ©MS


BIR junior - juni 2006, Bergen
2. junior vinner - august 2006, Kristiansand
1. Unghund vinner, CK - Mars 2007 - Bergen
2. beste hannhund - certifikat - Stavanger, mai 2007

Siblings (4)


Sea Fire's Faitful Falkor
Sea Fire's Fit For Fight
Sea Fire's Full Of Fun
Sea Fire's Famous Grouse

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 06.07.2010  Dam: Evita

Lee San-San av New Caprica

dob: 02.07.2007  Dam: Qu-ya-va's Nomi To House Of Fun

House Of Fun's Exotic'n Handsom
House Of Fun's Exotic'n Georgious
House Of Fun's Exotic'n Famous
House Of Fun's Exotic'n Fabulous
House Of Fun's Exotic'n Hot

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