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E'Noemie For Mady's Love

: 04.11.2005
: Grey and white
: Powderpuff
Saltarocchi David (For Mady's Love, Belgium)
Mme Achour Hennequin (Buddy Doggz Star, France)

  • ©Flora MORIN

  • Bourges 2008
    ©Flora MORIN

  • Montpellier 2008
    ©Flora MORIN

  • ©Saltarocchi David

  • ©Saltarocchi David

  • ©Van Wilder

  • ©Saltarocchi David

  • ©Saltarocchi David

  • ©Saltarocchi David

  • ©Saltarocchi David

Siblings (20)


Eclipse For Mady's Love
E'Noemie For Mady's Love
Ermione For Mady's Love
Emperor For Mady's Love
Eros For Mady's Love
E-noemie For Mady's Love


Gunner Little Champs
G. Yang Little Champs
Grace Little Champs
Gogo Chanel Little Champs
Gigi Amore Little Champs
Galynne Little Champs
Gogo Girl Little Champs


Hayti Little Champs


Interpol Little Champs
Indice Little Champs
douple posted 2
Insolente Little Champs
Indic Little Champs
douple posted

Offspring (3) (Descendents)

dob: 23.05.2009  Sire: Snicker of Shenandoah Creek

Eagle Blue de L'Eden des Cherubins
Easy Sunshine de l'Eden des Cherubins
Easy to love de l'Eden des Cherubins

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