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2005 - 2012
RUSCH  RUSJCH  Dream of Mine at N'Co

Reg. no
: RKF 1775614
: 09.01.2005
: Hairless
(N'Co, United States)
Irina Scherbakova (Fantastik Kashmir, Russian Federation)

  • ©unknow

  • ©unknow

Siblings (6)


Royal Revelation N'Co
Royal Fantasy N'Co
Addicted To Love N'Co
Dream of Mine at N'Co


Sweet Sensations N'Co.
Every Little Thing N'Co.

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 29.07.2011  Sire: Ilory Fantastik Kashmir Flame II

Fantastik Kashmir Eve Sunset

dob: 01.07.2011  Sire: Ilory Fantastik Kashmir Flame II

Fantastik Kashmir /////

dob: 09.05.2010  Sire: Fantastik Kashmir Nay Taddi

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Tsar

dob: 06.05.2009  Sire: Knock Your Socks Off At N'Co

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Zherom

dob: 15.05.2008  Sire: Fantastik Kashmir Yans Bely Prints

Fantastik Kashmir Paola My Dream
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir PatiColar Mio Tu

dob: 12.09.2006  Sire: Moonswift Desert Flame

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Odri My Love
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Omega

dob: 01.03.2004  Sire: Moonswift Mystical Star

Fantastik Kashmir :::::::::

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