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Belshaw's Frosted Treasure

Reg. no
: S14682/2006
: 07.12.2005
: Black and white
: Hairless
Anna-Karin Roligs (Belshaw's, Sweden)
Lisa Johnsson (Lisar's, Sweden)
  • ©Lisa

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure, July 2007
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • ©Lisa

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure, July 2007
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure, May 2007
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure, May 2007
    ©Marjo Rönkä

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure -07
    ©Linda Malmgren

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure
    ©Peter Roligs

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure
    ©Anna-Karin Roligs

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure
    ©Anna-Karin Roligs

  • Belshaw's Frosted Treasure
    ©Anna-Karin Roligs


BIS-4 valp, Alfta * BIM-valp, Högbo - fredag *
BIR-valp, Högbo - söndag *
BIR-valp, Askersund * Bhkl R, Hässleholm lördag * Bhkl 4, Hässleholm söndag

Siblings (2)


Belshaw's Joyfull Bliss
Belshaw's Frosted Treasure

Offspring (60) (Descendents)

dob: 09.04.2015  Dam: Bellatrix Luckycharm Super Space

Bellatrix Luckycharm Izar
Bellatrix Luckycharm Alifa
Bellatrix Luckycharm Iris
Bellatrix Luckycharm Mirak

dob: 30.11.2014  Dam: Sea Fire's Queen Sweet Lady

Tailswing's A Precious Survivor
Tailswing's A Great Adventurer

dob: 17.08.2014  Dam: Fiery Fame Brilians Delight

Speechless One In A Million
Speechless Mr Sexy
Speechless On Cloud Nine
Speechless Three Is A Magic Number
Speechless Eight Ball
Speechless High Five
Speechless It Takes Two To Tango
Speechless Seven Seas Princess
Speechless Four Leaf Clover
Speechless Ten Points

dob: 10.07.2012  Dam: Denize'z Gizmo'z Prinzezz Fiona

Princess Fini Chloé

dob: 26.07.2011  Dam: Proud Pony Never Say Never Again

Flinkagårdens Shiny Treasure

dob: 02.06.2011  Dam: Kroog's Verona

Kroog's You Love My Coat

dob: 19.07.2010  Dam: Topgrade Avalon

Topgrade She's The Lady

dob: 25.03.2010  Dam: Belshaw's Off Course

Proud Pony Total Recall
Ch. Proud Pony Turbo Lover
Ch. Proud Pony TNT I'm Dynamite
Proud Pony Time Out

dob: 18.02.2010  Dam: Tournais Drop It Like Its Hot

Lisar's Golden Eye
Lisar's Never Ending Story
Lisar's New Moon
Lisar's Never Say Never Again
Lisar's My Sisters Keeper
Lisar's Don't Say A Word
Lisar's Ps I Love You

dob: 29.05.2009  Dam: Lisar's Going North

Lisar's Hopes And Dreams
Lisar's Hot Shot
Lisar's Hooked On A Feeling
Lisar's Having Fun

dob: 27.05.2009  Dam: Untouchable's Café Au Lait

Black Track's Oh-Bla-Dee

dob: 30.12.2008  Dam: Sandfield's Khahomi

Smedbys Frangelico
Smedbys Fernet-Branca
Smedbys Fisherman's Friend
Smedbys Famous Grouse
Smedbys Four Roses

dob: 16.05.2008  Dam: Zödra Gremlins Ananda

Zödra Gremlins Destiny
Zödra Gremlins Drama
Zödra Gremlins Devil
Zödra Gremlins Disa
Ch. Zödra Gremlins Dalton

dob: 10.03.2008  Dam: Suanho's Kangi Wiyaka

Yrar From This Day On

dob: 25.10.2007  Dam: Prefix Tiffany

Ch. Prefix The Name Of The Game
Prefix Midnight Frost
Prefix Kajsa Kavat
Ch. Prefix X-mas Gift

dob: 27.09.2007  Dam: Belshaw's Sexy Graffiti

Belshaw's Unforgivable Woman
Belshaw's Royal Secret
Belshaw's Body Talk
Belshaw's Body Talk

dob: 11.07.2007  Dam: Prefix Rhapsody In Rock

Belshaw's Bright Crystal
Ch. Belshaw's Gold Treasure
Belshaw's Emerald Rhapsody
Belshaw's Ruby Lips

dob: 23.10.2006  Dam: Belshaw's Fantasia

Belshaw's Zero Plus Feminine

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