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2005 - 2010
Gorblimey Of Avokaduh

Reg. no
: S-21867/2006
: 07.10.2005
: Bluemahogny / whit
: Hairless
Magdaléna Hudáková (Avokaduh, Czech Republic)
Ingrid Lindgren (Sea Fire's, Sweden)
  • ©F.H

  • Liten och naggande god

  • ©F.H

  • Har blivit litte större nu

  • ©unknown

Siblings (7)


Gallileo Gabris
Gorblimey Of Avokaduh
Gallileo Gabris Avokaduh
Gitano Boy Avokaduh
Groove Truffi Avokaduh
Gulliver Avokaduh
Glamour Glorie Avokaduh

Offspring (17) (Descendents)

dob: 30.11.2008  Dam: Mocci'z Dufftown

Strikholm's Love From Darlington

dob: 17.08.2008  Dam: Liddyleaze Carbon Date

Sea Fire's Viva La Vida
Sea Fire's Viva Las Vegas

dob: 18.02.2008  Dam: Sea Fire's Contessa Of Chutney

Sea Fire's Salsa
Sea Fire's Samba
Sea Fire's Shan

dob: 27.11.2007  Dam: Sea Fire's Ebony

Sea Fire's Quandora
Sea Fire's Quite A Legend
Sea Fire's Qruella De Vile
Sea Fire's Quantso San
Sea Fire's Queen Sweet Lady

dob: 09.08.2007  Dam: Sun-Hee's Queen Medusa

Mundiz Gandalf
Mundiz Grace
Mundiz Garbo
Mundiz Grynet

dob: 12.01.2007  Dam: Sea Fire's Bee-Boppa-Lulla

Sea Fire's Ortizia
Sea Fire's Orchid Flame

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