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Crestwood Nina's Namesake

: 26.10.2005
: Black-white
: Hairless
Nina Enqvist (Crestwood, Finland)
Marika Vitikkala-Laine
  • ©Heli Puikkonen

  • Ninni 4 months
    ©Nina Enqvist

  • ©Salla Hukari

  • ©Petsku

  • ©Lea Alenius

  • ©Hanna Santala-Luomala

  • ©Nina Enqvist

  • ©Hanna Santala-Luomala

  • ©Salla Hukari

  • ©Salla Hukari

Siblings (2)


Crestwood Nina's Namesake
Crestwood No Added Sugar

Offspring (15) (Descendents)

dob: 26.04.2009  Sire: Crestwood On The Rocks

Crestwood Quick As Hell
Crestwood Quadruped Friend
Crestwood Quirky Means
Ch. Crestwood Quantum Jump
Crestwood Quarz Crystal
Crestwood Quarrelsome
Crestwood Quality Controller
Crestwood Queenly
Crestwood Quiet In Court
Crestwood Questions To Make
Crestwood Quite A Catch

dob: 23.09.2007  Sire: Galchris Mr Maddock With Chinois

Crestwood Play Me
Crestwood Pep Up Boy
Crestwood Perfect Charmer
Crestwood Pussy Cat Doll

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