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Eugenios Lady Killer

Reg. no
: 18939/05
: 21.07.2005
: Tricolor
: Hairless
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norway)
Tone Bekkåsen Fischer (Eugenios, Norway)
Margrét Inga Veigarsdóttir
  • ©Margrét Inga Veigarsdóttir

  • ©Margrét Inga Veigarsdóttir

  • ©Margrét Inga Veigarsdóttir

Siblings (4)


Eugenios Boogie Man
Eugenios Baby Bitch
Eugenios Drama Queen
Eugenios Lady Killer

Offspring (26) (Descendents)

dob: 22.11.2007  Dam: Miss Lea Isadåra

Coco Chanel av Hlbari
Pablo Picasso Av Hlbari
Gigi Chiffong Av Hlbari

dob: 09.11.2007  Dam: Sørperlas Devine Darling O'eugenios

Eugenios Tinkerbell
Eugenios Pinocchio
Eugenios Peter Pan

dob: 22.08.2007  Dam: Eugenios Creme Brule

Eugenios Return To Sender
Eugenios Malo Pumo
Eugenios Poppy Pechi

dob: 17.08.2007  Dam: Eugenios Sun, Moon And Stars

Eugenios Blue Hawaii
Eugenios Blue Lagoon
Eugenios Blue Heaven
Eugenios Blue Sky

dob: 10.05.2007  Dam: Jukebox One to Watch

Eugenios Mister Spectacular
Eugenios Drop Dead Gorgeous
Eugenios Black Betty
Eugenios Mister Excellent
Eugenios Mister Marvellous

dob: 22.01.2007  Dam: Eugenios Creme Brule

Pumopechi's Shantinca
Pumopechi's Princess
Pumopechi's Leo
Pumopechi's Mina

dob: 14.07.2006  Dam: Stjerneskudd's Iris

I Hundre's Dee Dee

dob: 09.06.2006  Dam: Blue Elaisa

Eugenios Licence To Kill
Eugenios View To A Kill
Eugenios Killing Me Softly

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