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CZJCH  Specialty Junior Winner 2006 CZ, Best powderpuff male Club show 2006 CZClayton Mo Hayo Al Maarii Sapphire

: 04.09.2005
: black with marks
: Powderpuff
Ilona Dandanova (Al Maarii Sapphire, Czech Republic)
Ilona Dandanova (Al Maarii Sapphire, Czech Republic)

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Siblings (12)


Clayton Mo Hayo Al Maarii Sapphire
Carayan St. Erme Al Maarii Sapphire
Calucco Ay Reen Al Maarii Sapphire
Carenio De Este Al Maarii Sapphire
Cocaine Di Onis Al Maarii Sapphire
Czakoma La Tia Al Maarii Sapphire
Cruella De Vill Al Maarii Sapphire


Dionea La Rossi Al Maarii Sapphire
Duartina Ma Ria Al Maarii Sapphire
Damaura Al Yman Al Maarii Sapphire
Diadem Mu Abre Al Maarii Sapphire
Dorlee Mo Miray Al Maarii Sapphire

Offspring (43) (Descendents)

dob: 20.06.2014  Dam: Ofeliya

A3..... Stitch
A4..... Stitch
A2..... Stitch
A1...... Stitch

dob: 01.05.2013  Dam: Barbie Deray Sun

Cezar Deray Sun
Celine Deray Sun
Calvin Deray Sun
Casper Deray Sun
Cerry Deray Sun
Clayton Deray Sun
Catrin Deray Sun
Calli Deray Sun

dob: 27.01.2012  Dam: Madeira Kalis z Treste

A.... Mohéra Crestádo
A...Mohéra Crestádo
A....Mohéra Crestádo
Ares Mohéra Crestádo
A.... Mohéra Crestádo
A....Mohéra Crestádo
A....Mohéra Crestádo

dob: 30.10.2009  Dam: Grace Cin-Cin Pet

Ponny Cin-Cin Pet
Petty Cin-Cin Pet
Puff Cin-Cin Pet
Pauel Cin-Cin Pet

dob: 14.02.2009  Dam: Geena ze Zatopené chajdy

Bastien Sirukoto ze Sádku
Bella Love Sirukoto ze Sádku
Baldrick Sirukoto ze Sádku
Barbietta Sirukoto ze Sádku

dob: 12.11.2008  Dam: Caylie Plysovy pritel

Fergie Plysovy pritel
Ch. Fellow Plysovy pritel
Frutti Plysovy pritel
Furby Plysovy pritel
Federico Plysovy pritel

dob: 22.04.2008  Dam: Naomi Modry kvet

RIA Modry kvet
Rocky Modry kvet
Ray Modry Kvet
Rejco Modry Kvet
Ch. Rianna Modry Kvet

dob: 16.12.2007  Dam: Petycja Sasquehanna

Ghaazee Al Shraifi
Gabir Gingery's Al Shraifi

dob: 11.10.2007  Dam: Brendy Plysovy pritel

Armani Mismy
Aprillia Mismy
Ashanti Mismy
Avalanche Mismy

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