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Phrostmade's Almost Indecent

Reg. no
: 07518/06
: 12.03.2006
: Blue
: Hairless
: 32.50cm (12.7")
Lill Kristin Nilsen & Gunnhild Mortensen (Phrostmade's, Norway)
Annika Farstad (Sunstreaker, Norway)

  • ©Tommy Gildseth/Annika Farstad

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad/Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad/Tommy Gildseth

  • ©Annika Farstad

  • 2 years
    ©Annika Farstad

  • 14 months
    ©Tommy Gildseth

  • November 07
    ©Annika Farstad

  • 1 year
    Tommy Gildseth

  • 4 months
    ©Annika Farstad

  • 4 months
    ©Annika Farstad

  • 14 weeks
    ©Annika Farstad

  • 8,5 weeks
    ©Tommy Gildseth

  • 8,5 weeks
    ©Tommy Gildseth

  • ©phrostmade



Siblings (2)


Phrostmade's Almost Indecent
Phrostmade's Pablo Picasso

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 10.12.2011  Sire: Ermi's Place Donahue

Sunstreaker Flames of Fire
Sunstreaker Fire Tornado
Sunstreaker Fire to the Rain
Sunstreaker Fire Princess
Sunstreaker Fire and Ice
Sunstreaker Firestarter
Ch. Sunstreaker Fireworks
Sunstreaker Fire Me Up

dob: 09.10.2010  Sire: Altacrest's Jumpin' Jack Flash at Olivera

Sunstreaker Jump Start
Ch. Sunstreaker Jedi Mind Trick
Ch. Sunstreaker Just The Ticket
Sunstreaker Journey to Fangtasia
Ch. Sunstreaker Jinx Proof

dob: 15.03.2010  Sire: Fantastik Kashmir Bah

Sunstreaker Got My Mojo Working
Sunstreaker Great Balls of Fire
Sunstreaker Google It
Sunstreaker Get a Wiggle On
Sunstreaker Gateway To Narnia

dob: 22.01.2009  Sire: Shida The Golden Light

Sunstreaker Dearly Devoted Dexter
Sunstreaker Don't Dream Its Over
Sunstreaker Double Dragon
Sunstreaker Dose Me Up
Sunstreaker Date With Destiny
Ch. Sunstreaker Dreamweaver
Sunstreaker Definitely Maybe

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