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CERCH  Ch.CER,German Ch.VDHMorfeusz z Lubuskiej wsi

: 08.07.2004
: black and tan
: Hairless
: 28.00cm (11.0") / 4.00kg (8.81#)
katarzyna dobbert (z lubuskiej wsi, Poland)
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  • ©Sylvia Fitze

  • ©Sylvia Fitze

  • ©Sylvia Fitze


3 x BOB

Siblings (2)


Morfeusz z Lubuskiej wsi


Bakarat z Lubuskiej Wsi

Offspring (30) (Descendents)

dob: 15.03.2010  Dam: Oceania Galus Pastoral

Armani King of Diamonds
Avatar King of Diamonds
Agape King of Diamonds
Amor King of Diamonds
Alma King of Diamonds
Aureli King of Diamonds
Achilles King of Diamonds
Apart King of Diamonds

dob: 29.04.2009  Dam: Cyndia z Lubuskiej Wsi

Be My Dog's Livilla
Be My Dog's Little Big Boss

dob: 20.11.2007  Dam: Zazu Maly Kacper

Be My Dog's Goldrush
Be My Dog's Golucky For Lysette
Be My Dog's God Knows I'm Good
Be My Dog's Gotta Face Up

dob: 29.04.2007  Dam: Zazu Maly Kacper

Be My Dog's Eight Wonder
Ch. Be My Dog's Earth & Fire
Be My Dog's Emilia Galotti
Be My Dog's Eternal Sun
Ch. Be My Dog's Expensive Hobby
Be My Dog's Entredenido

dob: 09.05.2006  Dam: Be My Dog's Angleface

Botnia von den Windpferden
Bjalla von den Windpferden
Blossi von den Windpferden
Blakkur von den Windpferden
Bliki von den Windpferden

dob: 24.04.2006  Dam: Love Song z Lubuskiej wsi

Be My Dog's Bondstreet Princess
Be My Dog's Big Bug Bingo
Be My Dog's Bow Tie Punk
Be My Dog's Benjamin Pale Face
Be My Dog's Bonjour My Joy

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