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EECH  EEJCH  LVJCH  RUSCH  Happy Dancing Eternal Elmo

Reg. no
: NHSB 2603540
: 02.04.2006
: Hairless
Wendy van Oosten (Happy Dancing, Netherlands)
Sanna Joutsela (Dragon Moon, Finland)

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • June -09
    ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Pekka Rantanen

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela

  • ©Sanna Joutsela


1 x Fin CC, 1 x Lv JCC, 3 x Est JCC, 1 x Rus CC, 1 x Est CC

Siblings (4)


Happy Dancing Eternal Elmo
Happy Dancing Exciting Eddie
Happy Dancing Exploding Energy
Happy Dancing Exotic Enigma

Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob: 24.01.2011  Dam: Scherry Lady Favonius

Dragon Moon Dance With The Flames
Dragon Moon Flaming Love
Dragon Moon Flames Of The Night

dob: 15.11.2010  Dam: Mysterious Miracles Magnitude

Mysterious Miracles Adventure
Mysterious Miracles Attraction
Mysterious Miracles Admirable
Mysterious Miracles Advantage
Mysterious Miracles Ambassador
Mysterious Miracles Attractive

dob: 26.03.2010  Dam: Scherry Lady Favonius

Dragon Moon Lady In Leather Suit
Dragon Moon Leatherman's Kiss
Dragon Moon Made In Leather Heaven
Dragon Moon Buffed Leather Jacket
Dragon Moon Look My Leather Pants

dob: 09.05.2009  Dam: Dragon Moon Helen Of Troy

Dragon Moon Laughing Buddha
Dragon Moon Golden Geisha
Dragon Moon Unarmed'N'Dangerous
Dragon Moon Ninja Warrior
Dragon Moon Where Is Your Chi
Ch. Dragon Moon Zen Master

dob: 28.01.2008  Dam: Hanna

Mirbon's Wagner
Mirbon's Wiivi

dob: 10.10.2007  Dam: Joyway's Love Spell

Joyway's Vampire Darien
Joyway's Vampire Kiss for Zucci
Joyway's Vampire Lucien
Joyway's Vampire Zante
Joyway's Vampire Desmond
Joyway's Vampire Love
Joyway's Vampire Damien

dob: 19.04.2007  Dam: Lemiz My Dragon Moon Lady

Dragon Moon I'm Eternal
Dragon Moon Indian Summer
Dragon Moon I'm Innocent
Dragon Moon It's Ego Size XL
Dragon Moon Illusionist
Dragon Moon Image Of The Night
Ch. Dragon Moon Indigo Blue

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