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FINCH  SECH  Fire Dance Top Model De Rama

Reg. no
: S62559/2006
: 13.05.2006
: Blå
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 5.50kg (12.1#)
Mrs Rasquart-Masson (Top Model De Rama, Belgium)
Anna Larsson & Erica Larsson (Chineseblue's, Sweden)
  • Nicke BOB BIG 1

  • "Nicke"

  • ©Chineseblue's

  • "Nicke" BOB BIG-2 Kestilä

  • Nicke 14 months
    ©Johan Frick-Meijer

  • "Nicke" feb-08 Tornio nationell BOS CAC

  • Nicke BIR i Vännäs

  • Nicke BIR i Vännäs

  • Nicke BIR i Vännäs

  • Nicke på 1 årsdagen..Oulo show nationell 1jkk,4 bhkl
    ©Lari-Matti Kurkisuo

  • 10 weeks

  • ©Rasquart-Masson J

  • Nicke 12 weekas

  • Nicke 12 weeks

  • Nicke 3 mån

  • Nicke 4 månader
    ©Doris Lindmark

  • Nicke BIS-3 puppy
    ©Doris Lindmark

  • Nicke 4 months
    ©Doris Lindmark

  • Nicke 4½ månader

  • Nicke BIS-PUPPY!!! 5 months

  • Nicke 5 Months

  • Nicke 6 months

  • Nicke 6 months

  • Nicke 6 month
    Picturemontage Cayafa's

  • Nicke 10 month

  • Nicke 10 month


2CAC Norway
3CAC Sweden
2CAC Finlandia
1 CACIB Sweden
4BOS, 3 BOB,
1 BIG-1 Swedish kennelclub
1 BIG-2 Finlandia

3X BOB-PUPPY, 1XBIS-Puppy, 1XBIS-3 Puppy, 1XBIS-4Puppy

Siblings (13)


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Delight Top Model de Rama
Dedicace Top Model de Rama


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For Our Eyes Top Model De Rama
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Huranjoy Top Model De Rama
Hurtangel Top Model De Rama
H' Top Model De Rama
Hazard Top Model De Rama
Hynès Top Model de Rama

Offspring (40) (Descendents)

dob: 02.10.2009  Dam: Amelion's Coaltit

Amelion's Nixon
Amelion's Normandie
Amelion's Nigerian Cobra
Amelion's Nevada Sunshine

dob: 29.08.2008  Dam: Mocci'z Pride of Islay

Cosplay's Rukia Kuchiki
Cosplay's Yuzu Kurosaki
Cosplay's Don Kanonji

dob: 30.07.2008  Dam: Belshaw's Head Over Heels

Chineseblue's Just Havi'n Fun
Chineseblue's Just My Style
Chineseblue's Just A Dream
Chineseblue's Just Sweet Like Sugar
Chineseblue's Just Like You

dob: 05.06.2008  Dam: Lisar's Going To Stay

Lisar's Glitter Girl
Lisar's Glamour Girl
Lisar's Golden Girl

dob: 15.05.2008  Dam: Chineseblue's Bailys Creme

Chineseblue's Incoming Topmodel
Chineseblue's It Must Be Love "Chico"
Ch. Chineseblue's Intensive Friedance

dob: 23.03.2008  Dam: White Affair's Ideal Dandelion

Selfcresteem's Snow Cant Wait
Selfcresteem's Song In Silence

dob: 15.03.2008  Dam: Stormblåstens Jezebel O'Zalex

Zalex Charleston Dancing Boy
Zalex Can-Can Dancing Girl

dob: 27.11.2007  Dam: Sun-Hee's Queen of the Dark

Sun-Hee's Dark Firedancer
Sun-Hee's Dream About Galaxy Gold
Sun-Hee's Designers Request
Ch. Sun-Hee's Dazzling Dollar

dob: 01.11.2007  Dam: Tournais Shop Til I Drop

Chineseblue's High-Five
Chineseblue's Hush-Hush
Chineseblue's Holiday-Maker
Chineseblue's Happy Go Lucky
Ch. Chineseblue's Highlight
Chineseblue's High-Spirited

dob: 23.10.2007  Dam: Twice As Nice Desert Sparkle

Twice as Nice Ninja Penguin
Twice as Nice Nobility of Le Peu

dob: 22.05.2007  Dam: Lisar's Going To Chineseblues

Chineseblue's Guardian Angel
Chineseblue's Goalkeeper
Ch. Chineseblue's Go With Success
Chineseblue's Glory Of Love
Chineseblue's Gorgeous Princess
Ch. Chineseblue's Gorgeous Guy

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