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AUSTCH  Zalex Beautiful Norwegian Lover Boy

Reg. no
: 18909/06
: 15.06.2006
: Blue
: Hairless
Kesi-Anne & Hilda-Anne Zahl (Zalex, Norway)
Sally & Sylvia Johnson (Xioma, Australia)
Gail Grady
  • first day out of quarantine

  • PRCD Clear

  • ©LBardsley

  • ©LBardsley

  • ©LBardsley

  • ©Zalex

  • ©Zalex

Siblings (3)


Zalex Beautiful Norwegian Lover Boy
Zalex Beautiful Dream
Zalex Beautiful Prince Charming

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 04.10.2009  Dam: SaTaMu Flying Star

SaTaMu Dark Warrior
SaTaMu White Tiger
SaTaMu CrimsonPhoenix
SaTaMu Green Dragon

dob: 25.04.2009  Dam: Lohamras Laiza Lemonad

SaTaMu Diochan
Satamu Yang Yuhan
SaTaMu Wang Zhaojun
Satamu Xi Shi

dob: 25.04.2009  Dam:

Ch. Satamu Xi Shi

dob: 06.01.2009  Dam: Xioma Wings Of The Night

Xioma On Eagles Wings
Xioma Wings To Fly
Xioma On Silent Wings
Xioma Wings Of Crystal
Xioma Wind Beneath My Wings

dob: 02.10.2008  Dam: Kaytanga Midnight Belle

Chinois Belle Sera

dob: 01.10.2008  Dam: Kaytanga Midnight Belle

Chinois Jessica

dob: 12.04.2008  Dam: Mohawk Stare If You Dare

Ch. Chinois Bright Eyes

dob: 10.02.2008  Dam: Kaytanga Midnight Belle

Ch. Chinois Beowolf

dob: 25.07.2007  Dam: Chinois Hot Gossip

Ch. Chinois Rumour at Acacia

dob: 22.07.2007  Dam: Mohawk Stare If You Dare

Chinois Creme Caramel

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