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INTCH(FCI)  PORCH  Ch. Razzmatazz Pickpocket

: 21.11.2004
: Black
: Hairless
Amy Fernandez (Razzmatazz, United States)
Alejandro Tassis; MªLeonor Núñez (Almamasan, Spain)
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Spain: 12CAC 9CACIB 4BOB
Portugal: 3CAC, 1CAC-QC, 2CACIB
Francia: 1CAC, 1CACIB

Siblings (3)


Razzmatazz Drusilla
Ch. Razzmatazz Pickpocket
Razzmatazz Faux Fur

Offspring (48) (Descendents)

dob: 29.09.2016  Dam: Fyre'n'Ice Whisperln de GabriTho

De Cabanelas For if the flies
De Cabanelas From the lost to the river
Ch. De Cabanelas To another thing butterfly
De Cabanelas Dream is free
De Cabanelas You are the milk

dob: 05.12.2014  Dam: Atxarrea Diamons Are Forever

Handsome boy de Almamasan
Hero of the stron de Almamasan
Half moon de Almamasan

dob: 20.11.2014  Dam: Oprah de Almamasan

Forever happy de Almamasan
Fusion of love de Almamasan
Fairy field de Almamasan
Frank prince de Almamasan
Frosty boss de Almamasan
Filler of sweet de Almamasan

dob: 30.09.2014  Dam: Fyre'n'Ice Whisperln de GabriTho

Ch. De Cabanelas Wuyuang
De Cabanelas Hongcum
De Cabanelas Hemu
De Cabanelas Xijiang
Ch. De Cabanelas Lijiang

dob: 24.05.2014  Dam: Solino's Jezebelle

Candy of coffe de Almamasan
Cloud of cotton de Almamasan

dob: 23.05.2014  Dam: Force of the Winter Wind de Almamasan

Baby sweet de Almamasan
Bubble of love de Almamasan
Biscuit of cream de Almamasan

dob: 11.05.2014  Dam: Atxarrea Diamons Are Forever

American star de Almamasan
Artist of ilusions de Almamasan
Arabian horse de Almamasan
Amazon of the forest de Almamasan
Ash pompom de Almamasan
Ace of hearts de Almamasan

dob: 03.12.2011  Dam: Armonia du domaine de l'hirondelle

Rainbow of ilusion de Almamasan
Rhapsody of passion de Almamasan
Risky love de Almamasan
Radiant sunrise de Almamasan

dob: 08.01.2011  Dam: Force of the Winter Wind de Almamasan

Moon de Almamasan
Magic flower de Almamasan

dob: 13.07.2008  Dam: Armonia du domaine de l'hirondelle

Camon baby de almamasan
Chantal caramel de almamasan
Crystal of love de almamasan
Chocolate crisper de almamasan
Colours of the wind de almamasan
Crazy doll de almamasan
Cold fusion de almamasan

dob: 11.03.2007  Dam: Armonia du domaine de l'hirondelle

Ch. Ch, Bayson de Almamasan
Browny de Almamasan
Ch. Boy King de Almamasan
Bull Winkle de Almamasan
Body white de Almamasan

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