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AMCH  BALTVCH  EECH  EEVCH  LVCH  LVVCH LTVCH Latvian Toy Breed Club "Club Winner 2015" Amsterdam Junior Winner 2007, AM SODLegends Men In Black SOD

Reg. no
: KCS-531/12
: 26.07.2006
: Black
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Amy & Bill Thompson (Legends, United States)
Ieva Romenkova (Golden Diamond, Latvia)
Diana Romenkova
  • ©Maria Ryrbäck, Bonniveras

  • Tommy in Köping 20/7-08
    ©Maria Rybäck

  • ©J. Eriksson

  • Tommy Vänersborg 7/6
    ©Maria Rybäck

  • ©Holloway

  • ©C. Gustafsson

  • ©C.Gustafsson

  • ©Henrik Futtrup

  • ©Henrik Futtrup

  • ©Henrik Futtrup

  • ©Henrik Futtrup

  • ©Holloway

  • ©Holloway

  • ©Holloway

  • ©Bill

  • ©Bill


3.9.2013 Riga,Latvia Judge:Zeljko Gajic(Slovenia).CQ,CAC,BM-3.

Siblings (4)


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Offspring (100) (Descendents)

dob: 03.01.2017  Dam: Incanto Del Mondo Coco Chanel

Incanto Del Mondo Fantasy Nugget
Incanto Del Mondo Fiona Fuchsia
Ch. Incanto Del Mondo Finalista
Ch. Incanto Del Mondo Fly Forward Wind
Incanto Del Mondo Flamenco Fusion
Ch. Incanto Del Mondo Fairy Trophy
Incanto Del Mondo Forget-Me-Not

dob: 09.12.2016  Dam: Madonna Luci Golden Diamond

Golden Diamond Cresteds David
Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Dreamer
Golden Diamond Cresteds Dazzle
Golden Diamond Cresteds Dancer

dob: 28.05.2016  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante

Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Vincents

dob: 09.12.2015  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Millagrosa

Golden Diamond Cresteds Comanche UKRJCH
Golden Diamond Cresteds Cincinnati
Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Chapman

dob: 03.06.2015  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Wilando

Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Michael
Golden Diamond Cresteds Mikkelina

dob: 15.03.2015  Dam: Creekside's Party In the USA

Ch. CH Sunlit's Rockin' the Runway
Ch. CH Sunlit's Black is the New Black

dob: 15.02.2015  Dam: Viva L'Amour de Chantz

Sunlit's Dylan
Ch. CH Sunlit's Somebody to Love
Ch. CH Sunlit's Black Tie Affair
Ch. GCH Sunlit Kaylen's Hairy Truman

dob: 05.08.2014  Dam: Madonna Luci Golden Diamond

Golden Diamond Cresteds Flooronfire
Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Fireball

dob: 31.03.2014  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Assante

Ch. Golden Diamond Cresteds Pacco Proud For Krescendo
Golden Diamond Cresteds Phill Caro

dob: 14.11.2013  Dam: Gracieux Love You Long Time

Ch. Gracieux Once Upon A Time
Ch. Gracieux Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

dob: 28.11.2012  Dam: Bonniveras Festi'vus

Moelmo's M...
Moelmo's Memorable Heartbreaker
Ch. Moelmo's Miss Spitfire
Ch. Moelmo's More Than You Can Handle

dob: 02.10.2012  Dam: Krysolit Extreme Star á Vous

Ch. Clezel's Dawn Tera
Ch. Clezel's D'WildGold
Ch. Clezel's Don't Trick Me
Clezel's Damika Runs For Elyxia
Clezel's Daddy's Dollar
Clezel's Driving Miss D

dob: 10.05.2012  Dam: Gamla Bodens Mini Bounty

Bonniveras Lampro's

dob: 27.02.2012  Dam: Brodiegan Myrtans Jewel

Myrtans It's Only Money
Ch. Myrtans Money Honey
Ch. Myrtans Ka'ching
Myrtans Money Talks
Ch. Myrtans Money Money Money

dob: 10.05.2011  Dam: Twice as Nice Peep This

Twice as Nice Waka Waka

dob: 04.04.2011  Dam: Princess Leia's The Look

Beachcrest (C) Invisible To X-Ray

dob: 09.01.2011  Dam: Gamla Bodens Mini Bounty

Ch. Bonniveras Illecebro'sus
Ch. Bonniveras Impera'tor

dob: 26.09.2010  Dam: Elischa Ze Zatopene Chajdy

Wiviane ze Zatopené chajdy
Ch. William ze Zatopené chajdy
Willy ze Zatopené chajdy
Wonky Tonk ze Zatopené chajdy

dob: 21.09.2010  Dam: Bonie Ze Zatopené Chajdy

Vinnie ze Zatopené chajdy
Ch. Veronique ze Zatopené chajdy
Victoria ze Zatopené chajdy

dob: 15.09.2010  Dam: Luxvch Bech Nlch Chardonnay Sua Sponte

El Cid Campeador Di China Latina
El Regreso de Evita Di China Latina
Ch. El Libertador - Simon Di China Latina

dob: 18.04.2010  Dam: Lolita ze Zatopene Chajdy

U ze Zatopené chajdy
Ulien ze Zatopené chajdy
U ze Zatopené chajdy

dob: 10.01.2010  Dam: Magic Carpet's Gladys Night

Tamika ze Zatopené chajdy
Teshi ze Zatopené chajdy
Ch. CH Tommy's Anahata ze Zatopené chajdy

dob: 09.07.2009  Dam: Marachinos Fashion Fantasy

Moelmo's Fear My Name

dob: 14.03.2009  Dam: Sea Fire's Geisha

Sea Fire's Yackety Yack
Ch. Sea Fire's Yabba-Dabba-Doo
Ch. Sea Fire's Yummy China Girl
Ch. Sea Fire's Yazzo

dob: 24.11.2008  Dam: Lisar's Going To Chineseblues

Chineseblue's Keep It Real
Chineseblue's Keep A Secret
Ch. Chineseblue's Key To Success
Chineseblue's Keep Me Forever
Chineseblue's Kiss Me Twice

dob: 25.09.2008  Dam: Tournais Samantha Fox

Tiangou's Nice Design
Tiangou's Nice Arctic Light
Tiangou's Nice Kari-Mar
Tiangou's Nice Surprise
Tiangou's Nice Dynamite
Tiangou's Nice Dzaybo
Tiangou's Nice Smile

dob: 16.07.2008  Dam: De La Mahafu's Ametist Be De

Ch. De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Gucci
De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Glenn
De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Gerry
De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Genica
Ch. De La Mahafu's BeDe Black in Glammi

dob: 11.10.2007  Dam: Twice as Nice Hellucination

Ch. Twice as Nice Midnight Special
Twice as Nice Mumsfilibabba
Twice as Nice Meteora
Twice as Nice Made You Smile
Twice as Nice Making Waves
Twice as Nice Mezmerize
Ch. Twice as Nice Make Some Noise

dob: 03.09.2007  Dam: Mooncrest Ms. Stars N Stripes

Mooncrest Space Cowboy
Ch. Mooncrest Miss American Pie
Ch. Mooncrest Black Magic Woman
Mooncrest Jetter
Ch. Mooncrest Santana
Ch. Multi Ch. Mooncrest Mardi Gras AOM

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