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2006 - 2016
CZJCH  Olegro Katrin Unik Anibus

: 23.10.2006
: Hairless
Ekaterina Tomina (Olegro Katrin, Russian Federation)
Jiri Pospisil (Modry Kvet, Czech Republic)
Ilona Dandanova (Al Maarii Sapphire, Czech Republic)

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BOB puppy, BIS puppy (Club show CZ 5/07), res.BIS puppy, Junior Club Winner 2007,Best junior hairless male (Club show CZ 11/07) BIS junior (Club show CZ 9/07), BIS junior (Club show CZ 11/07)

Siblings (3)


Olegro Katrin Unner
Olegro Katrin Uzer
Olegro Katrin Unik Anibus

Offspring (27) (Descendents)

dob: 25.05.2011  Dam: Nely Pupo-Haichi

Briando Raul Decoroso
Ch. Britany Urbi Decoroso
Brunello Royal Decoroso
Beline Queen Decoroso
Ch. Briando Raul Decoroso
Briace Azizi Decoroso
Ch. Basilio Alonso Decoroso

dob: 30.04.2011  Dam: Dorlee Mo Miray Al Maarii Sapphire

Sorbonne In Paris Al Maarii Sapphire
Shadow of Angels Al Maarii Sapphire

dob: 18.05.2009  Dam: El Djazaira Avokaduh

Oleg Or Noir Avokaduh
Ch. Odette Blue Rose Avokaduh
Ch. Orionis Bellatrix Avokaduh
Or-lee Okinawa Avokaduh
Olivette Olie Avokaduh
Operetta dell Avokaduh
Ode to Joy Avokaduh

dob: 07.11.2008  Dam: Whispering Lane Click Ur Heels

Blå Mandag's Incredible Stars Acro

dob: 08.10.2008  Dam: Mystic Modry Kvet

Ch. Bree Deray Sun
Benjemin Deray Sun
Bruce Deray Sun
Bred Deray Sun
Ch. Barbie Deray Sun

dob: 20.07.2008  Dam: Olegro Katrin Amelia Misty

Jackpot in Vegas Al Maarii Sapphire
Journey to Jamaica Al Maarii Sapphire
Joie de Vivre Al Maarii Sapphire
Juliet Oh Juliet Al Maarii Sapphire
Jewel of Onyx Al Maarii Sapphire

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