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AMCH  CANCH  Dizzy Dollies Blandora Bandit

Reg. no
: SC087098
: 01.02.2006
: black and white
: Powderpuff
Marylynn Bauhaus (Dizzy Dollies, Canada)
Illena Marie Hernandez
  • unknown

  • 4 point major
    ©Barry Holt

  • ©Alex Smith Photography

  • ©bidwin

  • ©bidwin


Multiple BOB from classes
Two four point majors in one weekend to earn his AMCH

Siblings (3)


Dizzy Dollies Buffalo Bill
Dizzy Dollies Butch Cassidy
Dizzy Dollies Blandora Bandit

Offspring (47) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Mosaic National Treasure

Bidwin Pyx Thinkin About Love
Bidwin Pyx My Baby Loves Me
Bidwin You Already Love Me

dob:   Dam: Dizzy Dollies Shu Ming

Bidwin's Lost Outlaw
Bidwin's Lost Fantasy
Bidwin's Lost In The Risin' Sun

dob:   Dam: Serenity's What a Surprise

Spiritual Diamond Tiara
Spiritual Royal Grace
Spiritual Royal Duchess
Spiritual Royal Crown
Spiritual Royal Princess

dob:   Dam: Bidwin-Mosaic Masterpiece

Cosmic's Daph

dob:   Dam: Spiritual Mosaic Kist by the Zephyr

Mosaic Wesann Candy Kisses

dob: 15.05.2016  Dam: Bidwin-Mosaic Masterpiece

Cosmic's Gracefuleigh Diving Cook
Cosmic's Sweet Sensation

dob: 29.06.2015  Dam: Cosmic's Ms Whitney

Cosmic's Shooting Star

dob: 10.05.2015  Dam: Cosmic's Thelma

Cosmic's Pistol Annie
Cosmic's Galaxy Girl

dob: 23.06.2013  Dam: Bidwin-Mosaic Masterpiece

Cosmic's Masterpiece Simone
Cosmic's Liza

dob: 05.12.2011  Dam: Bokate' Hot Little Number


dob: 22.06.2011  Dam: Mosaic's One In A Million

Whatadog Good Golly Miss Molly
Mosaic Little Dog Of Dream Kaden

dob: 02.03.2011  Dam: Spiritual-Mosaic Live Wire

Spiritual Mythic Little Prince Romeo
Ch. Lc Catch Me If You Can

dob: 29.01.2011  Dam: Spiritual Kist by the Zephyr

Mosaic's Candy Kisses
Mosaic's Chocolate Kisses
Mosaic's Tender Kisses
Mosaic's Sweetest Kisses
Mosaic's Angel Kisses

dob: 01.10.2010  Dam: Mosaic's You Can't Handle This

Mosaic's With All my Heart
Mosaic's Truely Your's
Mosaic's PS I Love You
Mosaic's Sealed With A Kiss At Jo-Bar

dob: 24.04.2010  Dam: Strong Stael Oh Tzarling Zi Zi

Mosaic's Skin So Soft
Mosaic's Hello Dolly
Mosaic pending

dob: 16.04.2010  Dam: Serenity's What a Surprise

Serenitys Ditzy Bandit

dob: 12.04.2010  Dam: Spiritual Hot Property

Spiritual - GB
Serenity's Mona Lisa
Spiritual Oh Me Oh My
Spiritual Mercy Mercy Me
Spiritual I Gotta Be Me
Spiritual Me and My Shadow
Spiritual Hold Me

dob: 10.04.2010  Dam: Mosaic Kelsey Hl

Mosaic I'm Legend At Dzy Dly
Silver Cross Mosaic Ima Smoke N Gun

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