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RUSCH  Russian National Breed Club Champion, Grand Champion RussiaAgrippina ot Volnogo Psa

Reg. no
: rkf 1390391
: 07.12.2002
: bronze
: Powderpuff
Galyuzina N. (Ot Volnogo Psa , Russian Federation)
Galyuzina N. (Ot Volnogo Psa , Russian Federation)
  • BIS ????????? - 4!
    ????????? ?? ???????? ??? - 11 ???

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Candidate to National Club Champion-Speciality Show Winner Clab "Donskaya Osen" Rostov-na-Dony Russia
best progeny CACIB Show
best progeny Show

Siblings (2)


Akulina Krasa Ot Volnogo Psa
Agrippina ot Volnogo Psa

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 17.02.2009  Sire: Irgen Gold Irzhi Yaroshik Volny Pies

Ch. Yuventa Yuna ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Yubiley ot Volnogo Psa
Yuvelir ot Volnogo Psa
Yumoreska ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 06.08.2008  Sire: Snob Next Germanika

Chernoglazka Mila i Laska ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Chervonnaya Dama ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Chernava Pava ot Volnogo Psa
Charodey ot Volnogo Psa
Chastnaya Sobstvennost ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 13.01.2007  Sire: Sasquehanna Piechur

Ch. Nagota Lapota ot Volnogo Psa
Naum Navedet Na Um ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Nafanaila Serdtsu Mila ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Nikodim Vseh Pobedim ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 09.04.2005  Sire: Sasquehanna Gwarny

Ch. Devitsa Krasavitsa ot Volnogo Psa
Ch. Dobrynya Nikitich ot Volnogo Psa

dob: 04.07.2004  Sire: Sampan Basta 12.09.2000 - 21.02.2015

Ch. Vnuchok Yasminy Ot Volnogo Psa

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