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RUSCH  RUSJCH  RKFCH  Grand Champion of Russia, Champion of the National Club of BreedShe Sings Soprano N'Co

Reg. no
: AKC/TR 46924002
: 11.06.2005
: white&black
: Hairless
(N'Co, United States)
N. Kremneva (Kranar, Russian Federation)
  • Jan.,2009



  • Jan.,2009

  • January, 2009

  • ©kranar

  • ©kranar

  • 2 month

  • ©kranar

  • ©kranar

  • ©kranar

  • ©kranar

  • ©


BISs-1 x2
Best in Show-1

Siblings (3)


All A Glow N'co
The Art Of Winning N'Co


She Sings Soprano N'Co

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 04.06.2012  Sire: Twice as Nice The Matrix

Kranar Secret Code
Ch. Kranar Smile of Fortune
Kranar Superior Finish for shumllea
Kranar Smart Song
Kranar Spirit of Victory

dob: 18.05.2011  Sire: Solino's Quid Pro Quo

Kranar Truly Top
Ch. Kranar Too Cool To Copy

dob: 28.03.2010  Sire: Utopiangold In Your Dreams Vanitonia

Ch. Kranar I Am Your Pride
Ch. Kranar Ey Ketcher
Ch. Kranar Ironwill
Kranar Alter Ego

dob: 25.03.2009  Sire: The Unique Limited at N'Co

Ch. Kranar As If by Magic Zholesk
Kranar Able Rable Alvine Band

dob: 17.05.2008  Sire: The Unique Limited at N'Co

Kranar Royal Flash
Ch. Kranar Raving Am Beauty
Kranar Rose in Black
Kranar Rich for the Stars
Kranar Real Mc Coy

dob: 03.11.2007  Sire: The Unique Limited at N'Co

Ch. Kranar Win Runner
Kranar Wonderbuild
Ch. Kranar Wonderful Dream Night

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