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Butterfly Black Dragon
"Baffi "

: 25.10.2006
: white & red
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4") / 4.00kg (8.81#)
Anna Oleksik (Black Dragon, Poland)
Kalupcova (ze Shetlandu, Czech Republic)
Hana Kalubcová
  • hhmm! sweeets!
    ©ze Shetlandu

  • smile :-)
    ©ze Shetlandu

  • Buffy in the ring

  • home- sweet home :-)
    ©ze Shetlandu

  • my darling
    ©ze Shetlandu

  • ©

  • ©?

  • ©?

  • 5 weeks
    ©Black Dragon


12.5.2007 - reg.Hlu?ín - VP1
19.10.2008- nat.Brno - V2,res.CAC
8. 3. 2009 -int.Gratz- V1,CACA
3. 5. 2009 -int.Praha- V2,res. CAC

Siblings (10)


Brandon Black Dragon
Bravery Black Dragon
Butterfly Black Dragon
Brilliant Black Dragon
Brandy Black Dragon
Bodyguard Black Dragon


Chianti Black Dragon
Chico Black Dragon
Candy Black Dragon
Cocaine Black Dragon

Offspring (6) (Descendents)

dob: 14.01.2010  Sire: Habiba Viva Victorius

Chick China Boy ze Shetlandu
China Girl ze Shetlandu

dob: 06.06.2009  Sire: Kim Cin-Cin Pet

Hip-Hop Heed ze Shetlandu
Hi-Honey ze Shetlandu

dob: 21.05.2008  Sire: Wanna Talk About No. One N'Co.

C'eishi ze Shetlandu
C'Taishi ze Shetlandu

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