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CZCH  DKCH  GRCH  INTCH(FCI)  NORDCH  NUCH  SECH  NW-07, DKW-09, WW-10, Mediterranean Winner-12Trønderpia's Here I Am

Reg. no
: 20996/06
: 13.09.2006
: Tricolor
: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3")
Sigrun Overland (Trønderpia, Norway)
Sigrun Overland (Trønderpia, Norway)
  • Oliver 5 years

  • Oliver 5 years

  • 22 months
    ©Sandra Leschbrant

  • World Winner 2010

  • 23 months
    ©Wenche Pedersem

  • Oliver 21 mnd
    ©Arvid Strand

  • 9 months old.
    ©Arvid Strand

  • ©Trønderpia

  • ©Trønderpia

  • 4 1/2 mnd

  • ©Trønderpia

  • 11 uker

  • Tre måneder


17 x cac
7 x cacib
7 x BOS
17 x BOB
1 x BOG3
3 x BOG2
3 x BOG1
1 x Best In Show4
2 x Best In Show2
1 x Best In Show
Cruft-kvalified 2008

Siblings (4)


Trønderpia's Her Highness
Trønderpia's Heavy Spirit
Trønderpia's Heart of Love
Trønderpia's Here I Am

Offspring (7) (Descendents)

dob: 29.08.2012  Dam: Casa Del Caboom's Earth Angel

Casa Del Caboom's Remember Me
Casa Del Caboom's Evrybodys Darling

dob: 10.02.2011  Dam: Reject's Eightball

Ch. Reject's Fifteen Good Wishes

dob: 28.09.2009  Dam: Sippelin's I Show You

Reject's Twelvth Hour the Third
Reject's Twelvth Hour the First
Ch. Reject's Twelvth Hour the Second
Ch. Reject's Twelvth Hour the Fourth

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