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LTCH  Cleopatra Epocha

: 02.07.2006
: Powderpuff
Olga Lysova (Epocha, Lithuania)
Olga Lysova (Epocha, Lithuania)
  • 9 years

  • 9 years

  • 6 years old

  • Vilnius show 2007

  • Cleopatra Epocha

  • ©Natalija

Siblings (4)


Caress Epocha
Cleopatra Epocha
Cassiopeia Epocha
Crimson Devil Epocha

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 19.07.2013  Sire: Zorrazo Grunt if U Want

Charlotte Amalie Epocha
Charming Lady Epocha
Cardinal Epocha
Carmelita Epocha
Carmelita Epocha
Centurion Epocha
Charley Epocha

dob: 11.02.2011  Sire: Zorrazo Grunt if U Want

Unlimited Happiness Epocha
Unearthly Lady Epocha

dob: 18.09.2009  Sire: Fantastik Kashmir New Mike

Ch. Naomi Epocha
Nostradamus Epocha
Nefertiti Epocha
Nostalgia Epocha
Nautilus Pompilius Epocha
Neron Epocha

dob: 24.07.2008  Sire: Zorrazo Grunt if U Want

Ch. Key To My Heart Epocha
Ch. Key To Success Epocha
Kissed Beauty Epocha
King of Passion Epocha
Ch. Keep My Smyles Epocha

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