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2006 - 2009
EECH  FINCH  INTCH(FCI)  LVCH  FinJW-07, FinW-07, NordJW-07 Lisboa W-08 Mediterranean W-08, EstW-09 ClubW-09Zorrazo Endless Saga

Reg. no
: FIN13394/07
: 10.11.2006
: Black - White - Tan
: Hairless
Marika Fredrikson (Zorrazo, Finland)
Marika Fredrikson (Zorrazo, Finland)
Tiina Länsimäki (Valanyan, Finland)

  • ©Ana Santos

  • ©Hanne Tuomenoksa

  • ©Hanne Tuomenoksa

  • ©Sami Osenius

  • ©Hanne Tuomenoksa

  • 28months.
    ©Teija Helminen

  • Ninja having fun in showring :)

  • ©yot

  • ©

  • Ninja 7months.

  • ©

  • Ninja 10months.
    ©Tiina Länsimäki

  • Ninja in toy group at Helsinki winner show 2007.

  • Ninja in toy group at Helsinki winner show 2007.
    ©Iiris Mäki

  • Ninja 7months.

  • ©Tiina Länsimäki


BOB in Finnish Winner Show!
Groupwinner in INT. show (Finland)
BIG-3 in INT. show (Finland)
BOS at Finnish cc Clubshow (99 cc:s entered)
10 x CAC from Finland
1 x CAC from Sweden
1 x CAC from Estonia
2 x CAC from Portugal
4 x CACIB from Finland
2 x CACIB from Portugal
1 x CACIB from Estonia
Crufts qualified

Siblings (6)


Zorrazo Evil Twin
Zorrazo Eye Of Horus
Zorrazo Endless Saga
Zorrazo Ecstatica
Zorrazo Eat My Dust
Zorrazo Earthworm Jim

Offspring (1) (Descendents)

dob: 12.10.2009  Sire: Legends Hurricane at Solino's

Zorrazo Rise of the Dragon

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