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Solino's I'm a Honky Tonk Woman

: 21.12.2006
: slate/white markings
: Hairless
: 31.75cm (12.5")
Iris Schultz (Solino's, Germany)
Pet home

  • ©Solino's

  • May 2011

  • Honky 4,5 years

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solinos

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • ©Solino's

  • 7 month's

  • with her sister"Blondie"

  • ©Solino's

  • 4 weeks

  • ©Solino's

  • 5 weeks
    ©Solino's & Fullmonty


still the same happy & healthy dog

Siblings (14)


Solino's I'm a Honky Tonk Woman
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Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 28.12.2010  Sire: Altacrest's Jumpin' Jack Flash at Olivera

Ch. Solino's Victoria Secret
Solino's van Cleef & Arpels
Ch. Solino's Valentino Rock N' Rose
Solino's Vuitton Reminiscences
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Ch. Solino's Versace Blue Jeans

dob: 05.03.2009  Sire: Legends Hurricane at Solino's

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