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FRCH  Qualifyed CRUFT 2008, 2009, 2010. 1st Prize Cruft 2008,14 x BOB ,Winner Fr. Championship Show 2008, 2009 , Best Junior Hairless Fr. 2008Oriental Jokes Coca Cola

: 01.01.2007
: brown/white
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2")
Eva Vincent-Schmid (Oriental Jokes, France)
Cat. J.A. van den Elzen (Cat's China Dogs, Netherlands)
  • 10.5 years old ! Ist Excellent.
    ©Ria Dijkstra

  • Pepsi at age 10 years
    Dogshow Eindhoven NL
    Veteran 1st place Excellent.
    ©Diamond Place

  • Pepsi 6.5 years beautiful skin , almost th !

  • on the yard, sun tanned

  • Lets go fast !

  • My boy Pepsi .

  • Pepsi on our meadow , almost 6,5 years!

  • Beautiful Pepsi
    ©Cat's China Dogs

  • Pepsi on show
    ©Oriental Jokes

  • Pepsi at the Crufts in Great Britain,
    1st Place!
    ©Oriental Jokes

  • Pepsi having fun ! 5.5 years young boy !

  • ©@ Cat

  • ©@ Cat

  • ©@ Cat

  • ©@ Cat

  • Pepsi at home by Cat's China Dogs
    ©@ Cat

  • ©GAD

  • ©I Arnoult


  • ©Christophe


  • ©Christophe A

  • ©D Arnoult

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©A. Vincent

  • ©A. Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©Eva Vincent-Schmid

  • ©A. Vincent

  • ©A. Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent

  • ©Eva Vincent


Bulle (Switzerland) Best Baby in breed
Leuven (Belgium) Best Puppy in breed
Best Junior hairless at the french national Specialty of breed 2008
CRUFT qualifyed 2008
BEST Junior,sunday october 21 Int show Lausanne (Switzerland)
2 x BOB Puppy in France
Best JUNIOR - Kortrijk show (BE) Debs'cup
Best junior at the French national Specialty 2008
1er Prize CRUFT in Special Junior Class
Winner BOB at the French Championship Multishow 2008
WINNER BOB at the French Championship 2009 in Paris
QUALIFYED CRUFT 2008 2009 2010
BOB and BOG2 Douai june 2009
BOB both days and BOG3 Nantes oct. 2009
Multi BOB !!
ECVO 5/11.2008 CLEAR
Test d'aptitudes Naturelles T.A.N. O/10
Eindhoven NL Veteran age 10 year 1 pl. Excellent
Oss NL 2017 CAC CACIB Veteran 10,5 years 1 Excellent.
C.C.C.E Attestation , 4 points.
PL 0/0
PLL/prcd free by parantage
DNA Proviled

Siblings (4)


Oriental Jokes Cacharel
Oriental Jokes Cassandra
Oriental Jokes Carnaval de Nuit
Oriental Jokes Coca Cola

Offspring (59) (Descendents)

dob: 24.06.2013  Dam: Close To Your Heart of Roxy's Pride

Cat's China Dogs Ultra Red Delight
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Red Wonder
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Blitz Boy
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Top Lady
Ch. Cat's China Dogs Ultra Amasing
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Shining Star
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Special Gold
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Golden Star
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Shining Moon
Cat's China Dogs Ultra Famous

dob: 06.06.2013  Dam: Little Bumble Bee of Gizzy's Home

One and Only Oz Of Gizzy's Home
Exclusive Elease of Gizzy's Home
Typical Taira Of Gizzy's Home
Fresh Prince Feyo Of Gizzy's Home
Curious Caycie Of Gizzy's Home
Original Obi Of Gizzy's Home

dob: 04.12.2012  Dam: Glossy Girl Island Shangri-La

Cat's China Dogs King Winter Whisdom
CH. Cat's China Dogs King Winter Wizzard

dob: 11.06.2012  Dam: Lovely Culi Di Casa Romano

Ch. Jaivy Might Have Been Of Gizzy's Home
Kyan A Little Faith Of Gizzy's Home
Roan Bulletproof Of Gizzy's Home
Amaya Fresh Painted Of Gizzy's Home

dob: 19.01.2012  Dam: Electra Shinning One Diamond Place

Cat's China Dogs Count Yoshino
Cat's China Dogs Countess Yasemine

dob: 22.12.2010  Dam: Oriental Jokes Cocktail and Juicy Fruit

Oriental Jokes Férona
Oriental Jokes Francesca
Oriental Jokes Francesco
Oriental Jokes Fidji
Oriental Jokes Flavio

dob: 29.10.2010  Dam: G' Copyright Top Model De Rama

Oriental Jokes Flavia
Oriental Jokes French Style
Ch. Oriental Jokes Flambeur
Ch. Oriental Jokes Flash Gordon
Oriental Jokes Fair-Lady

dob: 23.09.2010  Dam: Oriental Jokes Victory's Way

Oriental Jokes Flirck
Oriental Jokes Florenza
Oriental Jokes Floyd

dob: 10.04.2010  Dam: G' Copyright Top Model De Rama

Oriental Jokes Frances
Oriental Jokes Fanny
Oriental Jokes Frimeur

dob: 17.03.2010  Dam: Oriental Jokes Cocktail and Juicy Fruit

Oriental Jokes Fair Lady
Oriental Jokes Fly away
Ch. Oriental Jokes Fabulous I'm
Oriental Jokes Fame Streaming
Oriental Jokes Fouquet's

dob: 13.10.2009  Dam: Oriental Jokes Beverly

Oriental Jokes El Isla Bonida
Oriental Jokes Electric Game
Oriental Jokes El Angel

dob: 07.10.2009  Dam: Oriental Jokes Bamboozle X'plain Away

Oriental Jokes El Sugar
Oriental Jokes Easy Love
Oriental Jokes East Coast

dob: 22.08.2009  Dam: Oriental Jokes Vision Disney

Oriental Jokes Enigma
Oriental Jokes Electric Kiss

dob: 04.05.2009  Dam: Sugar Germanika

Oriental Jokes Egoiste
Oriental Jokes Elena's band
Oriental Jokes Eclat Doré
Oriental Jokes Excelsior

dob: 13.04.2009  Dam: G' Copyright Top Model De Rama

Oriental Jokes Enjoy your Eyes
Oriental Jokes Edit Zone

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