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ATCH  ATJCH  BIHCH  INTCH(FCI)  LUXCH  LUXJCH  SKJCH  SLOJCH  WW+BOB'12, JWW08; ÖKV-BdSg.08+09; HR-Ch.,One to Remember de GabriTho

: 30.01.2007
: grey/white mks
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Austria)
Gabriele Thoma (de GabriTho, Austria)
  • WW 2012 + BOB

  • V3-Champ.Cl. WDS 09

  • Remy

  • BOG-CACIB Zagreb, Hr Nov.'08

  • BOG - CACIB Zagreb Nov.08

  • Remy-in BIS Ring WW Stockholm

  • BIS - CAC Trbovlje, Slo

  • BOG CAC Trbovlje, Slo

  • BOG-CAC Gradiska,BiH
    ©blue rock

  • WW-Stockholm 4th Best Junior in Show
    ©Johan Frick-Meijer

  • Res.Best Junior in Show-CACIB Celje,all Breed on one Day 19.04.08

  • Remy 14 month old - BOB Luxembourg 30.03.08

  • Remy 2xBest Junior CACIB Wels,A
    10 Month old;

  • First Show in Juniorclass: JUNIOR BIS

  • Remy Best Baby Eurodogshow - 4 month old

  • ©Optigen

  • 4 Month old

  • 8 weeks old

  • 8 Weeks old

  • 4 Weeks old

  • 4 Weeks old

  • 1 Day old


25 x BOB; 3 x BOG,
Best Baby of Breed - EURODOG 2007;
JuniorBIS-CACIB Nitra,SK-4.11.07;
2nd Show in Junior Class BOB-CACIB Vrtojba,Slo.
Lux-Spring 03/08-LuxJCh+BOB
CACIB-Celje,Slo-19.04.08-all Breeds@one Day-RES.Junior BIS-
1stx Intermed.CACA,CACIB-Int.Klagenfurt,A
CACIB-Bratislava,Sk-17.5.08-JW + BOB + BOG3.
CACIB-Bratislava,Sk-18.5.08 - JW + BOB + Best Junior in Show (all Breeds @ one Day)-
World Juniorwinner + 4th Best Junior in Show;
BIS-CAC Trbovlje, Slo (all Breed Show)
Zagreb Winner `08,
Central-Eastern European Winner `08 + BOB + BOG - Zagreb 11/08
CACIB Oberwart,A- 07/2009-CACA,CACIB+BOB
CACIB Tulln,A -10/2009-CACA,CACIB =
Bundessieger + Cruftsquali, + BOB
CACIB Luxembourg IV/2012: CACL, CACIB + BEST MALE + BOS + CRUFTS Qualification

Siblings (6)


Ombra Leggera de GabriTho
Original Sin de GabriTho
Optimum Risk de GabriTho
Obsession de GabriTho
Ocean Eleven de GabriTho
One to Remember de GabriTho

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 27.05.2012  Dam: Happy Chrustowianki

Ch. Design Of Lo-fe
Dreamy of Lo-fe
Demi Of Lo-fe
Delight of LO-FE

dob: 23.03.2011  Dam: Fundoklia-Völgyi Kaszanics Christal Star Back

Wild Fairy Another To Remember
Wild Fairy Anita Grouchy
Wild Fairy All For Love
Wild Fairy Angelina Bianca

dob: 10.01.2009  Dam: Family Song's Ula

Lee Marvin
LeeRoy Loomes
Ch. Caipirinha's LaToya Liberty
Liza Minnelli
Lorenzo Lamas
Lionel Richie

dob: 06.05.2008  Dam: Cassia Al Shraifi

Stars at Sea Guaco
Stars at Sea Green Tea
Stars at Sea Ginger for Gabritho
Ch. Stars at Sea Ground Ivy
Stars at Sea Ginseng
Stars at Sea Galangal

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