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RUSCH  CACIB, Bulgarian Champion, Macedonian Champion,Montenegro Champion, Balkan countries Champion, Macedonia ChampionGumball Island Shangri-La

: 17.03.2007
: White & Black
: Hairless
De Ruyver Pascale (Island Shangri-La, Belgium)
Mariya Skobeltseva (Premier Mari, Russian Federation)
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Siblings (4)


Giorgio Island Shangri-La
Gumdrop Island Shangri-La
Glamour Boy Island Shangri-La
Gumball Island Shangri-La

Offspring (31) (Descendents)

dob: 02.07.2013  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin Premium

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Sharl at Ergeni Stail
Fantastik Kashmir Shella Show
Fantastik Kashmir Shato Shobine
Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Shah Sharman

dob: 30.10.2011  Dam: Zholesk Zhrica Olimpa

Ch. Angel O' Check Happy New Year.

dob: 27.10.2011  Dam: Apriori Vip Bora Bora Angelocheck.

Angel O' Check Udacha.

dob: 30.08.2011  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Sara-Kameliya

Premier Mari Issidora Dunkan
Premier Mari Indiano Djons
Premier Mari Iskorka Lubvi

dob: 27.08.2011  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Ideya Fiks

Premier mari Jemma Fantastik Kashmir
Premier Mari Jozefina
Premier Mari Jemchujina
Premier Mari Jear Ptitsa
Premier Mari Jean Michel Jarre

dob: 25.08.2011  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Tutse N'co line

Premier Mari Eva
Premier Mari
Premier Mari Elena Prekrasnaya
Premier Mari Emelya
Premier Mari Eralash

dob: 19.08.2011  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Shantal

Premier Mari Diana
Premier Mari Dendi
Premier Mari Djulieta

dob: 22.08.2010  Dam: Poliglotka Next Germanika

Ingrus Beljui Rutsar
Ch. Ingrus Brilliantovaja Ledy

dob: 25.03.2010  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Ramona Beauty

Naleks Art Zarnitsa Igra Ogney
Ch. Naleks Art Zeus Shining Sky
Naleks Art Zefir White Cloud
Naleks Art Zealand

dob: 07.05.2009  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Maogrin Show

Ch. Fantastik Kashmir Victory Way
Fantastik Kashmir Venetta
Fantastik Kashmir V

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