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Apriori Vip Ionica For Angel Look

: 14.08.2007
: Wite
: Powderpuff
Orlova Elena (Apriori Vip, Russian Federation)
Kebuladze George, Kienko Olga
  • 4 years

  • ©unknown

  • ©

  • ©Orlova

  • ©Orlova

  • 2,5 weeks

Siblings (4)


Apriori Vip In White
Apriori Vip Italica
Apriori Vip It's Mine At Angel Look
Apriori Vip Ionica For Angel Look

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob: 05.03.2013  Sire: Naimuluna Line Shiva

Apriori Vip Windsor
Apriori Vip West
Apriori Vip Victory

dob: 21.05.2011  Sire: Angel Look Viva El Rey

Ch. Angel Look Sensation Apriori Vip
Ch. Angel Look Satellite Apriori Vip
Angel Look Satisfaction Apriori Vip

dob: 09.03.2009  Sire: Legends Top Gun

Angel Look Lewis
Angel Look Lestat
Angel Look Letta
Angel Look Liana

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