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Shipstone Mrs Tittlemouse

Reg. no
: AG01358304
: 11.02.2006
: Red
: Hairless
Ms D M Hill (Shipstone, England)
Mrs. Rupniak (Konishiki, England)
Lisa Langley
  • sunbathing

  • July 08

  • Eye Cert

  • 4 May tanning well

  • In the woods

  • 15 march 08

  • A lovely person
    you can tell by the eyes

  • Nicely settled into her new home after 2 weeks - bless
    ©L Rupniak


KC/BVA eye tested clear 2009
Gluacoma tested clear
DNA Optigen tested clear
Squirrel has had enough babies now and is neutered.

Siblings (3)


Shipstone Appley Dappley
Shipstone Mrs Tittlemouse
Shipstone Appley Dappley

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: Solino's Letterman

konishiki bold and brazen

dob: 22.09.2009  Sire: Konishiki American Gigolo at Scherzando

Konishiki Daring Debut
Konishiki Dead Ringer

dob: 16.12.2008  Sire: Solino's Letterman

Konishiki Bluff Backchat
Konishiki Big Bopper
Konishiki Bonny Tyler
Konishiki Blurry Blessing
Konishiki Bashful Baron
Konishiki Blessed Blanche
Konishiki Billy the Kid
Konishiki Bold and Brazen
Konishiki Babylon Breeze

dob: 07.01.2008  Sire: Konishiki Woody Jw. Sh CM

Konishiki Astrella Celeste
Konishiki Diesel Ky
Konishiki Rufus The Red Scherzando
Konishiki Tiger Lilley to Scherzando

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