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AMCH  Whisperingln' the Devils Advocate

: 03.10.2006
: Hairless
Mark & Carol Baldwin (Whispering Lane, United States)
G. Friedl & J. Friedl (Caipirinha's, Austria)

Siblings (5)


Whispering Lane Start Me Up
Whisperingln' TequilaMakesHerHairFallOff
Whisperln' Mr Bear Squash U All Flat
Whispering Lane Watch Me Glisten
Whisperingln' the Devils Advocate

Offspring (18) (Descendents)

dob: 15.05.2014  Dam: Incredible Me von Shinbashi

Caipirinha's Prada Pink Edition
Caipirinha's Pagani 2Hot 2Handle

dob: 27.08.2013  Dam: Fyre'n'Snow Whisperln de GabriTho

Ch. NLCH, LUXCH Always Victorious Di China Latina
Ch. Yolo Mike Foxtrot Di China Latina
Fo drama go to yo mama Di China Latina
My Daddy is a Gringo Di China Latina
Vanity under the sun Di China latina
They see me Rolling Di China Latina CA RATN
El Chino Latino Di China Latina
BEJCH One hundred precent Di China Latina

dob: 08.02.2012  Dam: Daretobebares Sterling Silver

Caipirinha's One Hot Minute
Caipirinha's Over The Top

dob: 26.05.2011  Dam: Family Song's Ula

Caipirinha's Needless 2Say
Caipirinha's Nothing 2Lose
Ch. Caipirinha's Nutbush city limit
Ch. Caipirinha's Need 4speed

dob: 21.09.2008  Dam: RockyBays Vampires Seduction

Twilight Where I Come From
Ch. Twlight's Double Play

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